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Subj: URGENT: Putiidhem Acjachemen/Juaneno WED SEP 3
Date: 9/2/2003 3:21:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: doug@seal-beach.org
To: voiceforveterans@aol.com
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SEP 3 WED 7:30 ALL DAY: PICKET JSERRA Opening Day Ceremony (at Putiidhem)
SEP 11 THU 7:15 A.M.: PICKET JSERRA Prayer Breakfast (at Putiidhem)
SEP 20 SUN 4PM TO 8PM Fundraising Silent Art Auction (in SJC)

Putiidhem, the sacred "mother village" and cemetery of the Acjachemen (or Acjachemem)/Juaneno in San Juan Capistrano, can be won, but it will take positive effort.

JSERRA, a "catholic-themed" school drawing from all over SoCal via the 5 Freeway, would be a travesty on top of this sacred site. The Sierra Club and California Cultural Resources Preservation Alliance has come up with an alternative plan, one that creates a monument to the First Nation that lived here, and cared for the land. Up the street, the San Juan Mission tells the story of the Mission period, from the Church
standpoint. No place is devoted to the Indian side of that period of cultural


disruption; moreover, that 40-year period only tells a part of the 11,000-year history from the Indian side.

Yet JSERRA, an arm of http://Buschfirm.com (a "boutique law firm" specializing in estate planning and tax avoidance strategies), insists on building here, even though they only have a lease (the landowner is suing them for inappropriate use, apparently). Probably, the close proximity of the Golden State Fwy, and the 2000-3000 commuter students that would come from all over for the "special curriculuum", is an irresistable draw -- and, they are apparently expecting to bull over and ignore any and all opposition.

To win, the Busch folks must be made to feel the pain of potential economic loss from building on a burial ground.

Each of the JSERRA events must be picketed. ONLY if their evil plans will evoke opposition that can COST THEM MONEY will notice!

At the Hellman Mesa in Seal Beach, the Tongva won a great victory in preserving ONE of their sacred sites (ORA-264), perhaps partly because the project was stopped by the Coastal Commission, and would have been picketed on their opening day -- perhaps making people think twice about buying houses on a cemetery. The developer
gave up 6 houses, and more, perhaps because it made good business sense. Perhaps because it was just the right thing to do.

The same sort of "argument" has to be made at JSERRA: how many prospective students will REFUSE TO ATTEND, how many parents will LOOK ELSEWHERE, WHO will cross the picket line which just asks for simple justice?

If they sneer, eventually, they will hear! The people of SJC want the Cultural Center, NOT another regional High School that will draw from Coto, Irvine, HB and worse!

To reach Putiidhem: Get off the 5 FWY at Junipero Serra, go West 1 block to Camino Capistano. From PCH, go North on Del Obispo, follow to Camino Capistrano, proceed to Junipero Serra. http://Putiidhem.org


SEPT 3, WED, ALL DAY: PICKET JSERRA OPENING DAY at Putiidhem, Camino Capistrano and Junipero Serra. Each JSERRA event should be picketed with the message, "No construction on sacred cemetery" and "Native American cultural center not $$ SCHOOL $$"

JSERRA "...announced it will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Sept. 3 -- the first day of classes at the school. Classes will begin in the former Sycamore Commons office complex, while the school will use athletics fields at Rancho Capistrano and Saddleback College..."

"...we will be at the Putiidhem site Protesting the JSerra LLC....the first day of school
"we will meet at 0730 and be there most of day. "We want alot of people there at drop off and pick up times. Most of us will be there at 0730 and 2pm. Bring signs."


JSERRA is a catholic-themed school run by http://buschfirm.com, a legal firm which specializes in tax-avoidance strategies.

The proposed school, with tuition $8,000 per year, plans athletic building on the "mother village" of Putiidhem (http://Putiidhem.org), which includes a Juaneno sacred cemetery. How ironic, that this money-maker would be named after Father Serra, and celebrate the Mission period -- during which brief 40 years Native American culture was largely destroyed.

"The First Annual South Orange County Christian Prayer Breakfast will be at JSerra High School on Thursday, September 11, 2003...An optional Catholic Mass will be celebrated at 6:30am...opening prayer offered by Monsignor Paul Martin, Chaplain of JSerra..."

SEP. 20, SUN., 4PM TO 8PM Fundraising Silent Art Auction To Save Putiidhem Bidding Begins 5-7 PM
31372 Guadalupe Street
San Juan Capistrano, Ca. 92675
(Located on corner of Don Juan/ Andres Pico.)
The Auction will take place in one of SJC's historic residences.
DIRECTIONS: take I-5, exit Ortega Highway, go west to El Camino Real. Turn right on to El Camino Real. Go ¼ mile to Don Juan, turn right.

Goal: This event is a fundraiser to support the preservation of a registered sacred site in San Juan Capistrano. Putiidhem is the mother village of the Acjachemen / Juaneño people. Our goal is to preserve this unique part of California history. Funds raised will be used to work towards these means. This fundraiser is sponsored by California Cultural Resource Preservation Alliance (CCRPA), Native America Sacred Sites Task Force, Sierra Sage/ South Orange Co., Sierra Club and numerous local supporters.
Thank you for you interest and support.

Artist Include:
Kathy Sandoval
Ernersto De La Loza
Roberto Moya
Luis Arturo Guevara
Ricardo Duffy
L Frank Manriques
Teeter Romero
Susan Dysinger
Linda Vallejo
Mary Vonn
Marian Walkingstick

Ricardo Duffy 949-481-3309 diablord@cox.net
Rebecca Robles 949-369-0361 rrobles5@cox.net
Fran Yorba 714-775-4197 fyorba@aol.com


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