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Subj: [thetigerstale] ~S.O.N.G.S. of the SHARK~
Date: 8/29/2003 1:53:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "joeylittleshell" <joeylittleshell@yahoo.com>
To: thetigerstale@yahoogroups.com

~S.O.N.G.S. of the SHARK~

Good day everyone, and welcome to the Joey Racano world-news filter program, where we do exactly as we please, and if you don't like it, well maybe you should just go have a secret meeting at Starbucks with Pollution Industry Lobbyist Scott Baugh like I caught Huntington Beach City Council Woman Pam Julien Houchen doing yesterday. And then they asked me to leave my table next to them so they could
have 'privacy'. DA NOIVE!

Gee, do you think former Assemblyman Baugh could be working for the Desal 'Plant' now? Naa....just cause he worked for AES Power 'Plant' and OCSD Sewage 'Plant', etc etc...

OK, let's straighten one thing out right now- these pollution FACTORIES all over our beach are NOT PLANTS!


Plants are green, grow from the Earth, and nurture, not spew pollutants!

Not PLANTS, OK? Machines- Factories- whatever, not plants. -jr

So, there are Great White Sharks swimming all over the place at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, at the same time they just got permission to dump Nuclear waste out their outfall!

Could it be a coincidence, or has King Neptune simply had enough, and they are waiting for politicians to swim in the water? And why are these Sharks GLOWING???

S.O.N.G.S. San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Songs...Plants... YEESH.

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Good News/Bad News-

The Good News- In Okefenokee Swamp, Louisiana, DUPONT has withdrawn it's plan for a STRIP MINE due to outraged citizens.

The Bad News- They will, however continue to LOG the area until 2080 or complete deforestation, whichever comes first.

In response to criticism about Florida not cleaning up the Evergaldes, Jeb Bush said yesterday that he "Looks forward to help from his 'FEDERAL PARTNERS'.

C'mon Jeb! I'm not even gonna MENTION what you did by taking away protection for the MANATEEES, but at least tell it like it is!!!


And the way your state foiled the election, you sure ARE partners!

OK... As you see, this is a loose-Goose e mail, I just never have time anymore, not till the book is finished.

So here's my wisdom for the day-

Y'know, these people around here want to build a DESALINATION FACTORY (not a plant!), and the water will all get sent to a development in Rancho Santa Margarita that ISNT BUILT YET!!! And funny thing, it WONT EVER be built unless the DESAL FACTORY is.

So, they take Seawater and turn it into fresh water, and take the freshwater and turn it into GROWTH.

Hmmmmmm... I see! OK, what are people made of? Mostly Water. So what is a DESALINATION FACTORY?

A PEOPLE MACHINE. Is that freakin' scary, or what!?

If you're in our area, come to the HB city council meeting 7 PM on tuesday !! Stand with us against COASTAL DEVELOPMENT!!

Stay tuned next for...Bodybuilder terminates Sacramento....or...'I inhaled, but not through my MOUTH', or...

What will Bush cut when there ARE no more environmental regulations?

PS- Congratulations to (Long Beach Activist) DIANA MANN, who's long battle against the Navy's L.F.A.S. (Low Frequency Active Sonar) to stop Whales from being killed got big help from a Judges court decision yesterday!!



Love, your pal, joey xoxoxo

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