Environmental Press # 304

Subj: WED: Putiidhem hearing in SJC
Date: 8/12/2003 10:56:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Doug Korthof <doug@seal-beach.org>
To: voiceforveterans@aol.com (via list)

The Hellman mesa issue has been resolved, with a precedent-setting preservation of the Tongva Cemetery which will be replanted with native plants. In addition, there will be an Interpretive Center, with signage and reference to the 4 native plant groupings (tied together with the mighty Oak). While it would have been better not to develop any part of the mesa, in context, this is a mighty victory for our local Gabrieleno/Tongva. In other cases, especially outside the Coastal Zone, there is no protection at all for sacred sites. There are bills wending their way through the Legislature now to fix some of these issues, and the respect garnered by the Tongva at Hellman Mesa points the way. Now if only the feds would just "recognize" our local Tongva and Acjachemen.../Doug

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WHEN: 6:00 P.M. WED. AUG 13
WHERE: Community Center on Camino Del Avion, south on I-5 to Ortega Highway, turn right (west) on Ortega, left on Del Obispo, left on Del Avion. Pass a school and turn left into the community center.
WHAT: San Juan Capistrano is launching an environmental study for the southern campus of Junipero Serra High School at Camino Capistrano and Junipero Serra. A public meeting on potential issues associated with development of 28.9 acres with a performing arts complex, gymnasium, aquatic center, several sports fields, basketball and tennis courts and a pedestrian bridge across J. Serra will be held at 6 p.m. on August 13 at the Community Center on Camino Del Avion.

The meeting is not to discuss the specific impacts, but to ensure potential impacts are considered in the environmental studies.

The school plans to open in September in the former Sycamore Commons office complex -- at the northern side of J. Serra -- but will use athletic fields at Rancho Capistrano to the north until the so-called southern campus is studied and developed. Some Juanenos oppose the southern campus because some Juaneno remains recovered at other sites were reburied there. Others support the private Catholic high school, contending school supporters are being respectful of the site's Juaneno heritage.

Come Support the Achachemen People!

We will meet at the Community Center at 5:00pm.

We will not have an opportunity to speak. Bring signs.


We will provide red arm bands.

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There was a terribly misleading article in the L.A. Times on the so-called campus of JSERRA (Putiidhem).

Please send a letter to the Times, a sample letter is at the end of this:

LATimes: ocletters@latimes.com, fax to 714-966-7711

"JSerra High School Isn't Playing Games"


With regards to the article "JSerra High Isn?t Playing Games", you left out some very important information. First of all, the school?s developers did not "win" city council approval. They bullied their way into City Hall by way of a ballot initiative (where they mislead the public as to what they wanted to build and what would be built if they did not sign). Then they backed the City Council up against the wall forcing them to either violate the City?s General Plan and approve a school where city staff adamantly opposed it, or be forced into a costly special election. Oh, and don't forget thousands of dollars in campaign contributions during this process.

Then you neglected to mention that as of yet, they have no approval to build anything on the 29-acre parcel that they say are their fields. The Environmental Process is just now beginning. They are years away from having those facilities built, IF they are approved. Not to mention, any athlete with real potential is going to want to go to a real school with a proven track record no matter who is coaching.

And how convenient that you glossed over the fact that the Juanenos are very opposed to the project which is being built right on top of an Ancient Burial Ground that is one of the last undisturbed sacred sites in Orange County.

Good for Coach Bauer (Santa Margarita High School) for recognizing that there is no real need to build this school. If you check around, you?ll note that there are already 4 private high schools in the city of San Juan Capistrano, plus Santa Margarita and Sage Hill School close by. ALL of those schools have openings. So where will all these "new" students come from? You can?t offer everyone a scholarship.

This school is not about education, it?s not about sports, and it?s not about filling a need. It?s all about money in the developer?s pockets and lots of it. JSerra definitely is playing games -- too bad they don't play

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