Environmental Press # 302

Subj: Electric Vehicles: comment to Davis' ARB
Date: 8/10/2003 12:52:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Doug Korthof <doug@seal-beach.org>
To: voiceforveterans@aol.com (via list)
Cc: zev2003@listserv.arb.ca.gov


The California Air Resources Board utterly FAILED its duty by killing the Zero Emission Vehicle ("ZEV") mandate. It was ZEV, and the Clean Air Act, which forced auto makers to reluctantly, haltingly, allow a privileged few to drive Electric Vehicles.

The Board serves at the pleasure of the outgoing ex-Governor, Gray Davis, who reportedly micro-manages all such decisions. Davis, it seems, sold out and surrendered to the Oilies for cash, check or money order -- the same coin that influenced him to roll over for the so-called "energy crisis". Davis is the heart of evil, and there is little chance of influencing his evil Air Resources Board. ARB seems sold on Bush-Cheney idea of "fuel cells". Davis and Bush don't tell you that creating the
Hydrogen needed for "fuel cells" would require 600 new technology nuclear plants. In the current energy bill is funding for the first 6 of these "safe" new nukes.

Please send a variant of the following letter to the Board, which is considering comments on its killing of the ZEV mandate.


ARB's failure has allowed Toyota to kill the successful RAV4-EV program despite rising demand (one Hawaiian tricked Toyota into selling him a car for export to Hawaii, and there are others). The evil General Motors is confiscating and junking our EV1 clean autos, refusing to sell them for the residual value, refusing to re-lease, vindictively suing us for nicks and scratches on the cars that they are going to junk!

Here is the address that you can send comments to:


California Air Resources Board
Sacramento, CA
VIA EMAIL to zev2003@listserv.arb.ca.gov


Dear A.R.B.:

By killing the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate, the Board has caved in and surrendered to dirty air.

We, and our kids, will be condemned for another generation to breathing dirty air because the Board did not have the strength to stand up to "the Oilies".

The Board threw down the painful efforts of previous, stronger Boards, succumbing to Bush lies of "wait for fuel cells".

For Electric Vehicle drivers, there is no worse fate. You have thrown us on the mercy of the Oilies, who are confiscating and junking our cars.

It is going to be much more difficult to live "oil free" using electric vehicles and solar rooftop power. We no longer have the clean electric cars, because CARB has failed us.


Doug Korthof
1020 Mar Vista
Seal Beach, CA 90740-5842
email doug@seal-beach.org

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