Environmental Press # 15

Subj: OOG: Victories at Los Alamitos, Garden Grove Sanitary District
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 2:40:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jon V3
To: Jon V3
Dear Ocean Outfall Group (OOG), dedicated to ending the 301(h) waiver held by the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD):

We won a doubleheader today with victories at Los Alamitos City Council and Garden Grove Sanitary District.

The Los Alamitos City Council meeting was a model of good government. They heard our issue over an agendized city council meeting. They listened to us when we approached them last Fall. In earlier meetings, they heard us out with dueling PowerPoint Presentations from both OCSD and OOG. Then, in an act of great civic responsibility, the Los Alamitos representative to OCSD, Alice Jempsa, brought the issue to her City Council and asked for direction from the Council on how to vote. (this is very unlike other Orange County city councils that just depend on the OCSD representative for his/her vote. Los Alamitos should be proud of Alice Jempsa). After a discussion, including the telling of much independent personal research by the councilmembers themselves on the issue, the Council came to an unanimous vote: "No waiver, and approve Alternative C", the treatment alternative that calls for full secondary treatment, and the only one that does not require a waiver. The audience then erupted in a spontaneous standing ovation. It was great to see and a tribute to



the good government of Los Alamitos.

This morning the waiver issue was also discussed at the Costa Mesa Sanitary District meeting. After much discussion and a single loud supporter of the waiver, the Board of the Costa Mesa Sanitary District voted 4 to 1 for a motion to approve full secondary treatment. This would then obviate the need for a waiver.

So a great doubleheader win. Thanks to you OOGers who are making this historic action happen. On to Buena Park tomorrow.

Jan Vandersloot (949) 548-6326

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