Environmental Press # 13

Subj: Get involved: Stop OC sewage dumping
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 08:53:13 -0700
From: Doug Korthof <doug@seal-beach.org>
To: voiceforveterans@aol.com (via CleanOcean@orange-county.net)

Some might perhaps think that the STOP THE WAIVER campaign has done a lot.

1. The Orange County Sewage Agency had arrogantly, perhaps crazily, changed its Ocean monitoring to only look at the top 10 feet of the Ocean after Dr. Haydock's 1996 study had re-discovered the scary sewage incursion. Public scrutiny, and the Grand Jury, has FORCED an end to this farcical dodge, and now they will have to really look for bacteria from the sewage. The Ocean is a body of water (latest science), like a punchbowl. When enough turds are dropped into the punchbowl at a gala, even when the hostess dips from the clear side, no one is going to drink. The party, for the dumpers, is over. OF COURSE live bacteria from the sewage goes all over the area. The "science" of USC's Prof. Burt Jones that is used to justify the continued dumping is nothing but a "calculus of convenience", paid for by OCSD.

2. OCSD had planned to go to "80-20" -- only 20% secondary -- now the publicity and scrutiny has FORCED them to back down. Formerly, they had bragged that they "did not needany further permission" to increase, with the biggest mass dumping permit



(20,000 tons).

3. For years, OCSD had maintained that the sewage from the outfall did not come anywhere near the shore, and that it "harmlessly sputtered out" into nothingness. Now, they are welcoming an EMERGENCY ORDER from the usually flaccid Regional Water board to force them to do chlorination of primary sewage as an urgent requirement to protect the public health.


OCSD dreams that, should they be allowed to dump chlorine in the sewage, the beach closures will still go on, and they can say, "...look, it isn't only us!" and then quietly stop expensive chlorination, and go back to business as usual -- sloppy, minimal treatment, maximum dumping on the environment, whatever they can get away with.


Chlorination, while dangerously adding to the deadly mix of endocrine disruptors, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc., in the resulting toxic brew, masks perhaps the most disgusting problem.

The WAIVER gives OCSD the legal right to discharge diffuse, diluted fecal solids, small pieces of fecal debris, dead and live bacteria and virus, into the surf zone. Whether they do so, have done so, or will do so, they now are permitted to let their "treated fecal effluent" drift into the surf zone and fisheries.

Would you want YOUR CHILD swimming in this disgusting brew? Remember how much water a kid gulps down, how it gets in your nose, ears, eyes, mouth. How many think this is a good idea for your kids? (I know, OCSD seems to think it's OK for YOUR kids, not for them!).

SINCE THEY ADMIT LIVE BACTERIA COMES UNCOMFORTABLY CLOSE, OCSD also admits inert debris goes all over. Chlorination under the guise that OC should be allowed a waiver of full treatment, is a perversion of the intent of the Clean Water Act. OCSD now, by its own admission, stands indicted of having, up to this point, degraded recreational waters. Should they continue?

Friday:7, today only 2 bumper stickers sent out in the mail. But they went to Santa Ana and Anaheim, sent with "who are the sewage dumpers" flyers about McGuigan and McCracken, respectively, two
of the fiercest and most sarcastic sewage dumpers on the Board. Others: Piercy, Donahue, Eckenrode, Laurann Cook.



8:00 AM: Costa Mesa Sanitary District meeting.
Costa Mesa Community Center, 1845 Park Ave., CM
Park is 1 block W. of Newport Ave., between 18th and 19th st.
Thanks to OOG for this alert. Link to map+resolution http://Orange-county.net/costa_mesa.htm

7:00 PM: Los Alamitos city council "Public Comment."
You can speak to the Agenda Item to appear later that session,

"14. MAYOR AND COUNCIL INITIATED BUSINESS Council Announcements At this time Council members may also report on items not specifically described on the agenda which are of interest to the community provided NO ACTION OR DISCUSSION may be taken except to provide staff direction to report back or to place the item on a future agenda...." Item "14A. Consideration of Orange County Sanitation District 'Waiver'. Council member Jempsa has asked that the City Council discuss the proposed waiver by the Orange County Sanitation District, and provide direction to her as the City's voting delegate. Recommendation: City Council discuss and provide direction to Council member Jempsa." [Emphasis ADDED]

The council need not allow comment on item 14, but may allow such comment at 7PM. Best is to ahow up at 7PM, speak to the item if they will let you, and be available to support the council's deliberations on item 14a. Los Al is very important, the council has been the target of OCSD's misinformation campaign (as we could tell by their comments last time). Please help Los Al do the right thing, and join the other 9 to STOP THE WAIVER! http://Orange-county.net/los_alamitos.htm

7:00 AM as usual, daily picketing outside OCSD, attend if you can.

6:00 PM Buena Park study session on the waiver, help BP do the right thing and stop the waiver!

5:00 PM, "steering committee" meets at OCSD, attend and tell the inner circle not only that THE JIG IS UP, but that you're ON TO THEIR TRICKS!

7:30 or 8:30 PM, join the clowns and streamers at the festive Circe de Sewage! Imagine the glory of dumping OC sludge hundreds of miles away in the Park of Many Dreams -- dead sewage -- near Coalinga, or at the Indian Reservation. Ignore the air pollution, since no one complains, it does not exist!

And help the jolly gnomes of the staff sail the Board of Directors down Fantasy Lane, about how the sewage can be kept offshore by the helpful "little people" led by Thermo Kline. And if the line is too

long at that attraction, jump on the roller coaster of changing expectations, and be doused in the lake of non-toxic chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds!

Yes, they have cleverly outflanked the 10,000 letters sent out, invalidating all that work, by MOVING THE VOTE, now to the July meeting -- unless they move it again! So this meeting is just a normal meeting, where the floor is deep and wide with manure spewing from multiple animal acts and freak shows.

That clever juggling act, Normand Blake, strikes again! Picketing outside will go on all day, join them at any time, or attend the meeting and laugh at the foppish trix! Vaudeville never had it so good -- except they are DUMPING ON OUR COAST.

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