Environmental Press #100

Subj: Heal the San Gabriel/Sandcastles in Seal Beach
Date: 8/12/2002 5:11:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: doug@seal-beach.org
To: voiceforveterans@aol.com

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1. RSVP by Aug. 21 to help with 9/29 San Gabriel River sampling
2. Seal Beach Sand Castle Volunteers needed Sep. 3-9

Get involved in fighting *urban runoff*. Adapted from an ALERT by Friends of the San Gabriel River.

"We need you to help evaluate the health of the San Gabriel River. This one day sampling event is part of a multi-agency study that is being conducted over the next couple of years. The results
will be used to develop a water quality model of the San Gabriel River.



RSVP by August 21st, 2002 (VERY important!)
WHEN: Sep. 28, Sat., Training 9:00-noon, lunch provided
Sep. 29, Sun., Sampling Sunday morning
Sep. 30, Mon., Small number of experienced samplers

TRAINING: At La Mirada Creek Park, Santa Gertrudes Ave,
North of Imperial Highway, in the City of La Mirada.


"All equipment and training will be provided. Minors must be accompanied By an adult. "Storm drain, in river sampling for bacteria, toxins, heavy metals, etc., to get a better handle on the Urban Runoff problem during dry season. We are also looking at point source pollution from minor dischargers such as upriver wastewater treatment plants".

The following abbreviated, extracted from the website. For 303(d) *impaired waters*, there is supposed to be a plan to fix it. TDML=*Total Daily Maximum Load*, where *Load*= POLLUTION. Here are the dates for some places and contaminants:

"LA RWQCB San Gabriel Watershed TMDL Schedule
Waterbodies TMDL Due Dates Consent*
East Fork Trash Completed March 2000
San Gabriel Nitrogen June 2003 March 2004
San Gabriel Metals 2004/05 March 2007
Legg Lake Trash 2008/09
Puddingstone PCB+pest. 2005/06
S.G. Lakes Metals 2005/06
S.G. Estuary Abnormal Fish Histology
S.G. Lakes Nitrogen May 2004
S.G. Coliform December 2003
* Consent dates: US EPA must act per Consent Decree.

A second sampling may occur the following weekend on October 6th.

P.O. Box 3725
South El Monte, CA 91733
Friends of the San Gabriel River
Fax: 562 -695-8248


"We need approximately 180 volunteers to assist in various duties for the

Seal Beach Sand Castle Festival.

Volunteer positions include: greeters, ticket takers, sculptors, people to shovel, water handlers, people to help put up fencing, team liaisons, parking attendants — all starting Sept. 3rd through Sept. 9th.

If you have any time from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on any of the above dates, even if it is just 1 hour,
please call the

Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce 562-799-0179.

The Seal Beach Sand Castle Festival includes 50 teams competing in 6 different categories, as well as the professional sand sculpture exhibit which takes 18 people 6 days to create - 30’ wide, 40’ long, 30’ tall, 5,000 tons of sand and lots of water.

The event attracts over 35,000 spectators just to see the magic created in the sand! To see what all of the excitement is about, you can view last year’s event by looking at HTTP://www.sealbeachchamber.org.

Net proceeds benefit ‘Save Our Beach” campaign to improve the water quality along the Southern California Coastline.

What can you do to help?

For More Information, Call (562) 799-0179"

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