Environmental Press # 1

Water Contact Illness Medical Affidavit Information form along with the Water Flyer created by Rusty. Recent conversations with Orange County Health Department upper managment Larry Honeybourne, approves the usage of the Voice For Veterans Services, Water Contact Medical Affidavitt Form to Register with Orange County Health Officials all Water Contact Illness due to Recreational Waters we Surf in. This survey is with Doctors Orders or Without the real total and each Survey will count for the real total that is necessary and long overdue. Earlier suveys the proof of contact has always been on the surfer and never on the polluter. Times are changing as recent conversations with Larry Honeybourne assured us that all Medical Affidavitt will be registered properly as Water Contact Illness concerns. Voice For Veterans asks for duplicate Affidavitts so we can double track the volume of this New Survey. Also Send Medical Affidavitts to OCSD Monica Mazur at 1(714)667-3751 or via E-mail Mmazur@hca.co.orange.ca.us.



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