Rusty's Heat, U.S.A. Surfing Championships

These were the days of the 1960s when I surfed in contest. I surfed on the
Gordie Exibition Surf Team in contests up and down the coast as I lived in
Ensenada Mexico 6 months out of every year. I took $300.00 to Mexico and
returned with $60. After 6 months of surfing until one day I was Drafted into U.S. Army.
According to Gordie only 24 surfers in the 1960s had the Exibition Team Patch.
The original patch was Competition Team however Head Lifegaurd Vince Morehouse
told Gordie if the patch read Competition Team then your surf team would not
be able to enter the United States Surfboard Championships because the entrys
can not be Pros, Gordie changed the patch to Exibition Team and the rest is Surfing histroy.
That is the story behind the patch.

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