Subj: Bad Bunny Bill Not Dead
Date: 5/18/2004 2:31:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jon V3
To: Jon V3
Dear Wildlife and Bunny Supporters,

Much to my surprise, I learned yesterday that the Bad Bunny Bill, SB 1434, is not dead, but is on the Senate Floor. See email from Assemblywoman Kehoe's office:

Subj: SB 1434 is NOT dead
Date: 5/17/2004 9:17:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time
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Just want to let you know SB 1434 is NOT dead. It was amended in Senate Nat. Resources to require a permit from DFG. It is currently on the Senate Floor.

Linda Barr, Legislative Director
Office of Assemblymember Christine Kehoe


I also received this information today from my subscription to SB 1434. See:

SB 1434




Apparently, the email from Senator Kuehl Sunday night was erroneous and sent by the district office. Therefore, I called Senator Ackerman's office and spoke with his staff person Paul Dress at 916-445-4264. This is the situation as I understand it:

The bill is eligible to be voted on the Senate Floor today (Item 36), but Senator Ackerman is likely to pass on it, at least until after he speaks with the Director of the Department of Fish and Game, Ryan Broddrick, on May 26, with the Senate vote deadline of May 28. The DFG in the recent past has not defined grass and landscaping as "crops and forage." The Attorney General has apparently said that currently the cottontail rabbits can be taken without permits. SB 1434 has added the provision that a permit will be required from DFG. Senator Ackerman doesn't like government regulation, and the permit provision might make the bill too cumbersome for him. Could a Bad Bunny Bill become a Good Bunny Bill because of the permit provision? I doubt it, but standards for removing rabbits and relocating them (not killing them) are needed.

Paul Dress also said that this bill does not authorize poison, and poison is illegal for game. However, the bill does not specify what method will be used to kill the rabbits, or whether they would trapped and relocated like gray squirrels, or euthanized, or whatever.

The upshot is that the bill is still active, and your continued involvement is necessary. Keep sending those emails. I would also recommend subscribing to SB 1434 by going to the link below and checking the Subscribe box at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to keep current with this curious bill:

SB 1434 Rabbits


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