In an editorial currently posted at www.veteransparty.us, Charles Kelley refers to an order issued by the Bureau of the Budget during Admiral Zumwalt's time with the VA.

"How many Vietnam Veterans know that in a taped interview with Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. on May 5, 1990 in America’s Defense Monitor with ADM’s reporter Moon Callison the Admiral stated the following: Part of his assigned task for the Department of Veterans Affairs was reviewing the effects of Agent Orange using independent reviewers. During this review the Admiral had discovered the Bureau of the Budget, which is controlled by the White House, had ordered all the agencies of government in essence not to find a correlation between Agent Orange and health affects stating that it would be most unfortunate for two reasons:" Charles Kelley

I believe that documentation such as this taped interview and the order would be beneficial in proving the decades-long, systemic nature, and existence of the co-conspiratorial effort of genocide against Veterans by our government administrations.

If this order, and others like it, can be uncovered and preserved for possible legal use, later, we can bring this genocide against Veterans to an immediate end. Documentation such as this will be invaluable as the HAMMER with which to forge corrective change.

Such documentation would prove the charges if brought before the United Nations Human Rights Commission and/or the World Court.

I suspect that with such proof in our possession, VERPA would find our government willing to negotiate a peace and correction rather than have the proof become known world-wide.

I suspect we will find, via thse documents, the proof we need - as citizens - that the genocide effort has been bi-partisan and furthered by each major party as it held power.

This would make both the Democrats and the Republicans guilty of War Crimes as already stipulated by the UN - the genocide of a people, the Veterans of US military service.

Every person under whose authority such administrative orders were issued, would - under the stipulations of 18 USC - be guilty of treason resulting in the deaths of Veterans. That treason is punishable by death, also stipulated by 18USC.

Since such documented proof would mean the possible execution of thousands upon thousands of associated politicians and federal employees under the RICCO Act, the government will be forced to capitulate rather than run blood through our streets.

Result: 1) Immediate end of the genocidal efforts, 2) Immediate mandatory funding of the VA, or, federal health card for all Veterans to get government compensated care at any medical facity they choose, 3) Immediate provision of full health care - as promised and fulfilled for over forty years - to WWII and Korean War Veterans, 4) End of concurrent receipt tax, 5) End of the widows tax, ect. ect.

Administrative orders such as this one, are the nuts-and-bolts of how the genocide was instigated and orchestrated - and by whose authority. These are the proverbial "money trail" that will prove the case. And point the fingers of guilt that will open the doors of cooperative testimony from the minions.

These are the levers Veterans need to crack open the walls of secrecy!

Please, let it be VERPA that digs them out of obscurity and preserves them so that, none will be left behind again.

Gary Kendall, Idaho, gary001ok@yahoo.com