Re: Why this Sunday's Rally is extremely important

Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans

On Wednesday in U.S. Court, the first citation issued to me by the VA police for "unauthorized demonstration" was dismissed. Obviously, it was a false and fraudulent charge or the U.S. Attorney would have tried to prosecute me on it.

On the other hand, she refused to dismiss the "display of placard and material on property," which is also a false charge. I go to trial for these five trumped-up citations on February 4th.

In addition, she ordered unsecured bail ($500) with the "condition" that I ... "can not hang anything anywhere on VA property and can not demonstrate unlawfully without a permit."

As everyone knows, except her and the VA bureaucrats, the U.S. Flag, POW, and Purple Heart Flags are not "placards or material." In court, she, like the other VA bureaucrats, called hanging the U.S. flag upside down "desecration," yet it is in full compliance with the U.S. Flag Code. There is also a previous VA police report that gave us permission to hang the U.S. and POW Flag on the VA fence. The MOPH flag is equally important and relevant, as this land was exclusively deeded for "Disabled Soldiers."

Moreover, we demonstrate on the LA County sidewalk, which is out of the VA's jurisdiction so we do not need a permit.

Nonetheless, and as a result of her "condition" that is issued to me only, the U.S. Attorney has subsequently denied me my First Amendment Right to peacefully demonstrate.

Unfortunately, I will miss my first Sunday Rally after 82 consecutive Sundays as I will abide by her "condition," albeit it an illegal one that tramples all over my Constitutional Rights. Remember, these violations against my First Amendment Rights will apply to each of you if you do not show up on Sunday and exercise your own Constitutional Right to peacefully demonstrate.

It is extremely important that the Sunday Rallies to "Save Our Veterans Land" continue and this requires that all Veterans show up and carry out this proud tradition while exercising your own First Amendment Right to do so.

Make no mistake: We are winning in our just and honorable Mission to, "Save Our Veterans Land."

The VA and U.S. Attorney have falsely declared this to be "Desecration"
and that these noble and patriotic symbols are "placards and material."