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What is?
Operation Firing For Effect

(This article appears in April edition THE VETERAN VOICE Contact; regina@veteranvoice.com)

Operation Firing For Effect (OFFE) is a new kind of veterans service organization, which is unlike the traditional national veterans service organizations that are restricted by their charter from publicly engaging in political debate. OFFE has no hesitations in publicly confronting politicians as to their stand on veterans affairs.

Our grassroots organization is devoted to improving and protecting the services and entitlements earned by our men and women in uniform. Unlike other NVSOs, OFFE encompasses ALL veteran related issues. From the Department of Veteran Affairs, to the Department of Defense, we address problems facing the 180 day honorably discharged veteran, to the retired 20+ year veteran. No other service organization has ever attempted to do this in the past.

THE VETERAN VOICE, April Edition also contains this full-page poster for readers to cut out.

In the coming months, OFFE will be actively involved (nonpartisan) in the political arena. We are insisting that ALL 2008 National Election candidates include issues of importance to our veterans and their families in their platforms. We are also insisting Mandatory Funding for veterans healthcare be included on all 2008 election ballots nationwide. We must know where all candidates stand on issues of veterans affairs before we give them our votes. In addition, OFFE is planning several rallies in Washington, DC in the coming months to promote one of their primary issues, Mandatory Funding for veterans healthcare and services. Public support is desperately needed.

Currently, the Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare system is funded by a discretionary funding process, which is included in the annual defense budget. This means, regardless of the need, no matter the number of veterans needing care, the VA is dramatically restricted by budget restraints from providing quality accessible healthcare to a very large number of this nations veterans. Rural veterans in particular have a very difficult time accessing the VA healthcare system. Decades of budget cuts and staff reductions have taken their toll, and several VA hospitals nationwide have been and are scheduled for closure in the near future. In addition, the VA is reporting a dramatic increase in new veterans disabled by current overseas operations. A staggering backlog in claims processing has many of these disabled veterans waiting over a year for a VA decision. The bottom line is; we must do much better. We must meet our obligations to our men and women in uniform no matter what the cost. Full Mandatory Funding will go a long way towards solving many of the problems facing our veterans today.

Earlier last year, the mandatory funding issue made it to the Senate floor. On March 16, 2006, the United States Senate voted down mandatory funding for veterans healthcare services (Ref: Stabenow Amendment No. 3141), which would have insured full mandatory funding for veterans healthcare needs. The final vote was YEA 46 / NAY 54. Evidently, 46 Senators thought is was a worthy idea and voted for the Amendment.

Over the coming months OFFE will be producing a monthly column exclusively for The Veteran Voice. OFFE will approach politicians and 2008 candidates with the hard questions and insist they keep their word when elected. In future editions of The Veteran Voice, OFFE will address many other veteran related issues. Example; we are very concerned with the rising cost and burden that the current TriCare healthcare system is placing on our retired military families. These families were promised FREE healthcare and they deserve nothing less. We will keep you posted on our progress in every upcoming issue of The Veteran Voice right up until the 2008 elections.

The success of the Mandatory Funding Resolution drive depends entirely on your involvement. If we expect to get the attention of our politicians and national news media, we must collect an impressive number of signed resolutions from across the country. The future healthcare of our men and women in uniform depends on us. Remember, if you do nothing, you can expect nothing to change.

We need your help in spreading this message nationwide. Our organization is funded entirely by donations. Operation Firing For Effect is a subsidiary of Veterans For Veteran Connection, Inc. a registered 501-C3 nonprofit corporation headquartered in Rochester, NY. Currently, we have volunteers and well over 100,000 supporters in 26 states. No one with OFFE receives a salary, however we do incur expenses. Telephone, postage, printing, radio air time, all cost money, especially when you are coordinating a massive nationwide resolution drive such as ours. For more information on OFFE and its objectives and membership please visit WWW.OFFE2008.ORG.

In this edition of The Veteran Voice you will find a full page OFFE Uncle Sam poster. Please cut it out and display it. In addition, if you cut this article out (not a copy) and send it to OFFE along with $10, you will be registered as an OFFE Plank Owner and receive a very nice quality ready-for-framing OFFE membership certificate and membership cards. This is a 60% savings over our regular $25 yearly OFFE membership price. This is a one time offer to readers of The Veteran Voice and will expire in 90 days. Mail your membership request to; P.O. Box 77303, Rochester, NY 14617. Include your contact information.

The time has come for our country to adopt full Mandatory Funding for veterans healthcare services. Nothing less will do! If we cannot provide quality, accessible healthcare for our returning troops, can we really afford to deploy them in harms way in the first place?

To view a copy of our Mandatory Funding Resolution, visit; http://offe2008.org/public_html/resolution.htm Print out the Resolution, sign it, and sent it to OFFE at the address above.

Visit our homepage at; www.offe2008.org Or call OFFE National Chairman, Gene Simes at; (315)986-7322

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