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Again, coming up with "new" ideas is not the answer.  There is a legal document that was written in 1888 that does not call for a public park, what will the Senator do to support its terms, conditions, spirit and intent?

What part of all of these questions don't you understand?

Francisco and Clara Juarez

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Mr. Daley:

These are good ideas for the future but the Senator needs to take immediate action with the following:

First and foremost, the VA must issue a written public statement apologizing for their violating our fellow Veterans' Constitutional Rights and openly concede that all men and women who are patients, residents and/or employees at the VA are hereby fully liberated and free to exercise their First Amendment Right to Assemble and protest against the public park and other land grab violations of the Deed of 1888, including their freedom to express their First Amendment Rights at any and all times hereafter.

Second, immediate cancellation of the public park agreement with Veterans Park Conservancy (VPC).

Third, full and unconditional repayment of the $1 million, plus interest, that VPC took from Veterans seriously needed healthcare services to build their self-serving fence to "beautify" the entryway into Brentwood.

Fourth, immediate removal of the word "park" engraved in stone at the front entry including on the bronzed eagle plaques.

Fifth, immediate removal of VPC's big and offensive park billboard that is on Veterans' property at the corner of Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevards.

Sixth, Senator Feinstein take immediate leadership and actualize the Declaration of Enforcement (attached) by legislating it as an Amendment to the Deed of 1888, and that Articles IV and V be enforced posthaste.

You are to arrange a meeting that Senator Feinstein agreed upon with Francisco Juarez and myself after her January 16th press conference at the WLA VA, to expound upon her vision of "building the finest healthcare facility in the nation for America's veterans.

Your prompt attention to these matters is paramount in the Senator's fiduciary responsibility to America's Military Veterans.

Robert L. Rosebrock
Co-Director, We the Veterans