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Subject: Re: WW2 Filipino Veterans Benefits Document is False
Col, Frank I did a Congressional search and also spoke to my contact in DC who says the document is bogus and may be the work of someone trying to make some money from our aging vets by charging them application fees.
Please inform everyone to be on the look out for whomever is perpetrating this cruel hoax.
Rudy Asercion

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From: Rudy Asercion <filamvoter@yahoo.com>

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Subject: WW2 Filipino Veterans Benefits Document is False

Col. Frank,

I recently ran into the following document.
 US Department of Veterans Affairs. Washington DC 20420
WW2 Filipino Veterans Benefits.
Public Law 95-588 for WW2 Filipino Veterans at the age of 65 years old and above is entitled to non-service disability bebnefits.
Benefits for WW2 Filipino Veterans provided by law enacted by US Congress 75th Congress Public Law to provided benefits to the Filipino Veterans who served in the Armed Forces of the United States during the last WW2.
President Clinton signed the pending bill Rescission Act of 1946, into Public Law - 225, for Filipino WW2 Veterans benefits introduced bu US Congress to entitled Filipino Veterans Equity Act of 1996, and to receive old age monthly pension 0f $1300,00 dollars which is what the American WW2 Veternas compensation are getting.
SERVICE: All Guerilla service from December 30, 1942 to 1945
It is the responsibilty of any person filing a claim for a benefit administered by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to submit evidence sufficient to qualify in a fair and impartial mind that the claim is well grounded. The US Department of Veterans Affairs shall assist to the claimant in developing the facts pertinent to his or her claim. This requirement to provide assistance shall not be a true as shifting from the claimant to the US Department of Veterans Affairs the responsibilty to produce necessary evidence (38 U.S.C.: 510 (a).
Persons who serve as Guerillas under a commissioned officer of the United Staes Army, Navy, or Marine Corps or under a commissioned officer of the Commonwealth Army recognized by and cooperating with the United States Forces are included for compensation, dependency and indemnity compensation (WIC) Burial allowance Service as guerilla by a member of the Philippine Scouts of the Armed Forces of the United Statesis considered as service in his or her regular status.
Signed by:
Adjudication Officer
Entitlement to US Department of Veterans Affairs benefits for old age pension and Eqyuity Act of 1996. 
Do you or anyone for that matter know anything about this?
Rudy Asercion
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