From: Gkelley951
Sent: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 4:06:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
Subject: Veterans Party of America Resignation

Ok lets just clear the air here for a minute.

I sent an email to the State Chairs of the Veterans Party of America

In this email i said simply:

I believe we need to show them a backlash they wont forget. I will make homemade gifts before any of them see another dime of my money. True Value is wishing a Merry Christmas on their ads and i will shop there for sure. Tell me what you think guys. You fought for our rights...that includes the rights of Americans to celebrate Christmas.

While its still ok to say please have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Not one of the state chairs thought to ask me what i meant by this or what it had to do with the Veterans Party. It just got forwarded to the world ...which tells me either someone agreed it with and thought more people should know or that they disagreed and should have talked to me before doing anything.

It was not meant to make any religious statement whatsoever but it was to display my disgust at corporate America continuing to set our political correctness while still expecting our money. They want to have holiday sales and holiday trees and want us to buy our Christmas presents at their establishments. I am sorry but I have had enough of being politically correct. You people talk about saving our nation but what nation is that...soon we will be a nation of nothing.....we will have no holidays for fear of offending someone. We will have no morals for fear of stifling someones individualism. We will have no language of our own but can push a button to get the language of our choice.

to me the spirit of Christmas is part of America...the most generous country on earth.....but i am sorry I have offended all of you so deeply and at this time I will tender my resignation from the NEC and from the party. I can do what I do to help Veterans without the backing of the party and will continue to do so. I wish you all good luck and I hope one of you will step up to the plate and do the job much better than I have been doing.

Best of luck to all of you.

Glenda Kelley