From: <>
Date: Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 9:29 PM
Subject: Re: Veterans Parking Refused

Mr. Tillman:

This is in response to your refusal to approve our request to use Veterans land for Veterans parking on Sunday, October 5th.

<< In a message dated 10/1/08 2:01:52 PM, writes:

Mr. Rosebrock,

Thank you for your submission of a Land Use Proposal for parking and access to the Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, West Los Angeles Campus on Sunday, October 5, 2008.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to approve your request for the following reasons:

     •     The timing of your request (four (4) working days before the proposed event) does not allow us enough time to properly evaluate and consider the proposal.  In the future we would request that you provide your land use proposal thirty (30) days in advance of an anticipated event. 

     If you can reject a proposal in 24 hours, then it certainly seems that you can approve one in the same amount of time.

     •     The documentation you provided does not give adequate description of your event to allow evaluation and consideration of the proposal.
     Your "Land Use Proposal" application makes no mention of "giving adequate description." Nonetheless, the Sunday Gathering flyer that accommodated the Land Use Proposal, along with the cover letter, (all attached herewith) give specific descriptions of our event. In fact, the actual event is not being held on VA government property, but is being outside the fenced premises. (Flyer: AT THE FRONT GATE and along the sidewalks outside of the National Veterans Home, at the Northeast Corner of Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevards in Brentwood)

     We are simply asking for parking access to accommodate Veterans traveling from afar, many elderly and some who are disabled.  A couple of weeks ago, the community of Brentwood held a Brentwood Art & Health Show "outside" the VA premises, yet the vendors were provided parking "inside" on our Veterans property. How much were they charged?

     •     It is GLAHS policy that a parking fee is charged for all events.  Your proposal indicates that you cannot pay for parking.
     How much is the fee you want to charge Veterans.  Can you show comparable charges?  How much was the parking on Tuesday for attendees using Veterans property for Rosh Hashanah for the Jewish New Year services at Wadsworth Theater? Lest we forget, but for America's Military Veterans, there would be no "Freedom of Worship." 

     •     It is GLAHS policy that all entities requesting Land Use must provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00.  Your proposal does not indicate you can provide such insurance.
     That can be arranged.

     •     Support for parking and access to the described gate would create additional security issues, requiring additional VA Police resources that are not available on such short notice.  In addition, when services such as additional VA Police resources are required, the cost of such services are borne by the event producer.  You have indicated you do not have funds to pay for costs associated with this proposal.

     "We the Veterans" is an ad hoc committee organized for the sole mission to protect the "Assets" of the National Veterans Home. We voluntarily donate our time and money to protect these Assets.  We do not raise money to do the job that you are hired and being paid to do as the Director of Asset Management, which is to protect these Assets for the sole benefit of America's Military Veterans.
     The VA does not own this property; as a public servant, you are only the stewards. If you cannot accommodate Veterans to use the very property that was specifically deeded to them 120 years ago by Senator John P. Jones and Arcadia de Baker, then what is the rate or fee you arbitrarily want to "open the gate"? What is the standard fee to "open the gate" and how is that fee determined?  By the way, why is the gate locked in the first place?

Lastly Mr. Tillman, if you would be as accommodating to America's Veterans as you are to Brentwood's residents, we'd just write our own terms, you'd sign it, and that would be the end of it.

Robert L. Rosebrock
Co-Director, We the Veterans

If you have any questions in this matter you may contact our Asset Management Department at (310) 268-3789.

Ralph Tillman
Director, Asset Management
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System