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Subject: Re: Veteran's Civil Righs Violated

Mr. Joel McFadden:
U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein's Senior Deputy - Washington D.C.

Mr. McFadden:

Yesterday, a group of loyal, grateful and patriotic Veterans and community supporters gathered to pay tribute and thank John P. Jones and Arcadia B. de Baker for their benevolent Land Grant of 1888 that was made One Hundred Twenty Years ago today to be permanently maintained as a National Home for America's Disabled Soldiers. 

The number in attendance would have been far greater had the VA not intentionally delayed and drug it's feet before reluctantly granting the permit only a few days before the Celebration. This purposeful delay knowingly prevented us from notifying more Veterans and the general public to give them ample time to make plans to attend, as well as preventing us from garnering more Sponsors for refreshments and patriotic entertainment. 

The above notwithstanding, let there be no misunderstanding; Ralph Tillman, asset manager of the WLA VA, needs to be terminated and if Senator Feinstein does not take immediate action to have him removed him from this hallowed National Veterans Home, be prepared for a Veterans' Resolution calling for his immediate termination along with a major public outcry.

This contrived and delayed manipulation by the VA was definitely injurious to our noble plans and cause yesterday.  As though there was not satisfaction enough to hinder and thwart this honorable occasion, the VA added insult by having two VA employees there to monitor our every spoken word and movement of action.  One was a woman posted behind the building 220 area and another a young man posted at the area known as the Great Lawn, where we actually gathered.  He became known as the VA's "useful idiot."  Lenin would have been very proud of him.  No doubt the VA will promote this young man for making endless notes and cell phone calls to those whom he reverently serves and who were too cowardly to face Veterans on their own.

Nobody from Public Affairs even stopped by to join in this tribute of the 120th Anniversary.  In fact, nobody from VA was there to join in this noble Celebration, only to monitor and suppress our Civil Rights.

The VA's puppet-censor notified us that we violated "Condition 8" of the permit (VA regulations prohibit the following:  unauthorized distribution of pamphlets or handbills, solicitation for petitions, posting or display of placards, taking photographs for advertising purposes, and demonstrations, orations or partisan activities.) 

     We are not sure if that was when we presented our Nation's Colors, said the Pledge of Allegiance, a Chaplain's Prayer, a Tribute to the Land Grantors, announcing Veterans causes, read the Veterans' Declaration of Enforcement, a singer sang a song to Honor Veterans, ate some hot dogs and drank some apple cider. Or,  maybe it was a pamphlet "Creating Opportunities & Inspiring A Better Life" through the "Disabled Veterans Educational Programs," or the flyer "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day Celebration" that were passed out to the attendees that violated "Condition 8." Whatever, the VA's censor-puppet was going to "tell his boss."

We requested that he tell his "boss at the VA" to put whatever the so-called violations are "in writing."  If not, we demand that the VA send a written apology to those who were in attendance and had our First Amendment Rights trampled on yesterday. 

Mr. McFadden, I'm not sure what kind of Democracy that America is trying to spread around the world when we send our brave men and women into harms' way, but please tell us that it is not what we experienced yesterday.  Our Military recently removed a controlling dictator in Iraq who would've been extremely proud of the VA's oppressive forces at work yesterday suppressing those in attendance for a noble and honorable Celebration. 

What should have been a great day of honor and celebration for the National Veterans Home and those who have defended America's freedom and independence, turned out to be a disgusting display of government force, censorship and oppressiveness.  It certainly was not representative of the U.S. Constitution that the Veterans in attendance who once proudly raised their right hand and pledged their lives to defend.

VA Secretary Peake was sent a request on three different occasion and asked if he could send a brief note to honor the Land Grantors, but apparently this noble occasion to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the Deed of 1888 and the National Home was not important enough to him or the VA. However, ordering two federal employees to monitor and censor Veterans every spoken word was obviously the only matter of importance to the VA. 

As though the VA's giving away of Veterans' sacred land to a greedy and ungrateful neighboring community for a public park, giving this same group $1 million of Veterans seriously needed healthcare money to build a fence to beautify the entry into Brentwood, allowing this group to desecrate the military's watchword of "Duty, Honor, Country," and turning this hallowed land over for commercial profit at the expense of Veterans healthcare and quietude is not insulting enough, the VA has to forcefully monitor and censor our every word and action on one of the most sacred days of Veterans history here in Los Angeles.  The fact that we were paying tribute to the very land that the VA is giving away was no doubt behind yesterday's egregious and anti-American conduct.

Mr. McFadden, I cannot tell you how ashamed and embarrassed I am of our government's behavior yesterday toward the very men and women who pledged their individual lives to support our country and its people.  The Founding Fathers and the Land Grantors would be appalled at what took place yesterday, as will every American citizen when they are eventually informed. 

Mr. McFadden, Senator Feinstein is hereby asked, nay; requested, nay; demanded that she take immediate action and call for the termination of any and all government employees of the VA who are responsible in perpetrating this egregious injustice against America's Military Veterans and their Civil Rights yesterday, and the disgracing of this noble tribute to the benevolence of John P. Jones and Arcadia B. de Baker on the 120th Anniversary of the Los Angeles National Home. 

Robert L. Rosebrock