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IMPORTANT: This article by Gene Simes, CEO for the New York headquartered Veterans organization, Operation Firing For Effect, zeroes in and directly nails the issues regarding Senator Feinstein's West Los Angeles office that is with one mile of the National Veterans Home. 


This article and the Declaration of Enforcement are the real Truths about the problems and the solutions.  Endorse the Declaration (attached) and end all of the conflict and restore the National Home to its grandeur and legacy as it was Deeded in 1888 "to be permanently maintained as a National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers."

Senator Feinstein agreed upon a meeting with Francisco Juarez and myself after her January 16th press conference at the VA GWLA, to expound upon her vision of "building the finest healthcare facility in the nation for America's veterans.”

We have been waiting more than 3 1/2 months for Mr. Trevor Daley, her District Deputy, to arrange this meeting.  The Senator must terminate him for Dereliction of Duty and hire a Veteran on her staff if she is at all serious about "building the finest healthcare facility in the nation for America's veterans.”