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Fellow Veterans:

     WE ALL owe a tremendous thanks to Gene Simes-CEO, Jere Bere-Public Relations Director, and Rusty Rustan-California Director, of Operation Firing For Effect (OFFE) for putting the ball on the one-yard line in Washington D.C. with the remarkable work they accomplished on behalf of America's Military Veterans to "Save the Home."

     It has been an inspiring past few days as disabled Vietnam War Veteran Rusty Rustan steamrolled over the opposition and personally placed the following Documents with the staffs of California Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, and Congressman Henry Waxman, whose 30th District encompasses the National Home. 

     Rusty personally gave California Congressman Robert Filner, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, the following Documents and he conveyed his positive support to help "Save the Home." 

     a) The "Congressional Complaint" directing Senator Feinstein to censure and terminate District Deputy Trevor Daley for his "Dereliction of Duty" by intentionally neglecting his entrusted responsibilities to work cooperatively with all Veterans;
     b) The "Demand Payment Complaint," directing Senator Feinstein to demand that Sue Young and Veterans Park Conservancy (VPC) immediately repay the One Million Dollars that that they took from the VA and fellow Veterans seriously needed healthcare money to “beautify” the entryway into Brentwood for Ms. Young's “majestic wrought iron fence”;
     c) The "Demand Removal Complaint," directing Senator Feinstein to demand Sue Young and VPC immediately and unconditionally remove the word “Park” next to the padlocked gates at the corner of Wilshire & San Vicente Boulevards in front of the WLA Veterans Home' further demand that it be properly replaced with the word “Home.” This applies to both the concrete wall and the bronzed eagles; furthermore, the removal of VPC's big and gaudy billboard sign.
     d) The "Eviction Notice Complaint" directing Senator Feinstein that a Cease and Desistbe implemented posthaste in accordance with Article IV of the Declaration of Enforcement to stop the "park," and an Eviction Notice in accordance with Article V of the Declaration be delivered to all existing tenants who are in violation of the guiding principles to the Deed. Furthermore, to prevent any future violations or misunderstandings, the Veterans' “Declaration of Enforcement” must be made as a permanent Amendment to the Deed of 1888.

     FELLOW VETERANS: Operation Firing For Effect lived up to its name as they zeroed in and hit the major targets that were agreed upon.  Our mission to "Save the Home" is essentially on the one yard line but we all know that the "congressional delegation" that Sue Young has had under her control will be trying to stonewall our forward progress. 
It is up to us to finish the job.

     Accordingly, it is imperative that all Veterans unite now and stand in solidarity as "Fellow Veterans."  This can only be done by showing up every Sunday Rally to "Save the Home." Every Veteran must show up and do his or her Duty. No slackers!

     If Steve Palmer, an 85-year old WW II Veteran can loyally drive from the San Fernando Valley Sunday after Sunday and sit in his wheelchair holding a "Save the Home" sign, then younger, able-bodied Veterans who live closer by can certainly pull their share of Sunday Duty.

     With our "Complaint Demands" now officially served in D.C., we must stand shoulder-to-shoulder and let VPC and the politicians know that "business as usual" is over and that there is a new watchdog on Duty with specific orders to "Save the Home." 

     Show up and play an important part of Veteran History! 

Bring Your Family, Friends and Fellow Veterans!


Sunday, April 20th - 1:00 - 4:00 PM

"Save Our Veterans Home"
National Veterans Home 
N/E Corner - Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevards

WHAT: A Major Veterans Rally to save the Los Angeles National Veterans Home and stop the public park land heist.

WHY:  To stop the land giveaway of Veterans' hallowed property and demand government's full compliance and enforcement of the Land Grant Deed of 1888.

     "SAVE OUR VETERANS HOME" - This land was specifically Deeded 120 years ago to be permanently maintained as a National Home for America's Military Veterans.   Our government must cancel the no-bid, behind-the-scenes land-grab of 16 acres of Veterans hallowed property that was given away rent-free for a public community park. This parcel of land is estimated to be worth nearly one billion dollars, yet Veterans receive absolutely nothing while their healthcare services are seriously underfunded and woefully inadequate.

     Veterans Park Conservancy, a special interest activist group has bigger plans to take control of Veterans land and build a "central park west" for the general public.  This National Home is a place of historic quietude for Veterans rehabilitation and convalescence and there must never be any consideration for a noisy public community park of any kind whatsoever.     There is absolutely nothing in the Deed of 1888 that allows anyone to designate any land for a public park, open space, commercial use, or any other purpose whatsoever, other than for the direct benefit of America's Military Veterans. America's citizenry must demand government's enforcement of the Deed just as it was generously Granted on March 3, 1888: “To be permanently maintained as a National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.”

WHERE:  The Rally will be held at the Front Gate and on the Sidewalks outside of the National Veterans Home, situated at the Northeast Corner of Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevards in Brentwood. (Just north of Federal Avenue)

WHEN:  Sundays' Rally: April 20th - From 1:00 - 4:00 PM

WHO:  Everyone that supports America's Military Veterans and their National Veterans' Home.

THANKS to all who attended last Sunday's Rally, and a special thanks to Steve Palmer, an 85 year-old World War II wheelchair Veteran who religiously drives from Panorama City in the San Fernando Valley every Sunday to "Save Our Veterans Home." Dick Briethaupt, an 80-year old Korean War Veteran and "Son of the Revolution," faithfully drives from Northridge to support the cause. Dick also spends time during the week making Rally signs. Gil Flores, a 65 year-old Vietnam War Veteran drove from Garden Grove in Orange County to give his loyal support.  Co-organizer of the Sunday Rallies, Vietnam War Veteran Franciso Juarez, drove 100 miles from Tehachapi with his wife Clara. Both faithfully attend our Sunday's Rallies in spite of the 200-mile round trip.  Bettina Michaels, a local Brentwood community activist and a Veteran widow, has not missed one Sunday Rally to "Save the Home."  Thanks for all who go above and beyond the call of duty to "Save the Home."

A Call to Action: Fellow Veterans, if the "Old Guard" can drive long distances to "Save the Home," how about those of the younger Guard that live close by doing your duty and joining the Sunday Rallies?

PLEASE Forward This to Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans

© 2008 - We the Veterans