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Sent: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 10:21:58 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Vet Charity/Vet Party.......Re: COOL It NOW!

Colorado Veterans Party <> wrote:
Dear Fellow Veterans and personnel of Good Faith

I would enjoy this P..... G.... to STOP and Cool it Now.

This whole situation has got me so p.... o....ed that I have set back and reviewed it all and I feel we can come out to the better and move FWD NOW.

I have gone thru with a VSO group in beginning, which was 50% of this situation and today it survived and quite large and successful....

Below is, are and will be some of my thoughts and food for thought.... SO for now plz, go outside get a breath of fresh air, a drink of God's good beverage - water and lets get to work and give me feed back on this MSG

My recommendation was for a good legal clean up would be:

I feel and think Glenda is a victim by association - appears to be a solid staff member with great and dedicated knowledge of NEC.

All the registered state chairs of the Veterans Party of America (VPA) should take hold of the reins by completing the following action:

Request Phil Meskin step down from current position in VPA and relinquish all documents as pertains to said organization, thus ensuring the continued operation of said organization..

Glenda's resignation should not accepted by the above state chairs and elevate her to VPA National Executive Committee (NEC) Chair with authority to appoint a vice-chair and treasurer to function for sixty days at time. At end of sixty days, if things are not completely in order extend her Chair authority again , not exceed two extensions. Upon completion of 1, 2 or 3 periods of special authority, there shall be a election of officers for the NEC board and said officers shall service the organization IAW the By-Laws.

It is understood legal counsel is very costly but legal counsel should be seeked by NEC for pertent matters (attempt to find a volunteer counselor or a para-legal counselor).

Get the records of membership (nation wide, a BIG must).

Start a NEW bank account (advise the membership on a quarterly financial report the status of funds and the required reports are made IAW existing statutes - both federal and state, further forward all reports to appropriate state chairs and advise the membership all reports are available upon request)

Ensure the all VPA documentation is correct and valid IAW Federal and State statutes (plus get all back reports up to date).

By-Laws should be explored to be amended to change and/or included the following items:

Board of officers shall include three (3) trustees (3 year, 2 year and 1 year)
3 year trustee duties shall be afforded the outgoing chair for continuity and best interest of the organization---------------(to be enhanced)----------------------------------------

A time limit of two (2) consecutive years of position of chair.

A board member, to include immediate family member, may not have conflicting business arrangement with the organization.

A annual a fixed amount of dues from the members of record to defray the cost of operation of the NEC and state offices. Donations shall be accepted and said received dues shall be dually accounted in a timely and appropriate manner.

More recommendations to be forth with from u, me and us later....

Veterans First! ! !

E. J. GRAYckowski
Former State Chairman
Veterans Party of COLO

ps all personnel BCC I, us and we need your help for comments and etc let us all make it work NOW