From: Terry Richards <>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 02:19:30 -0800 (PST)
To the "NEW PLAN" of the VETERANS PARTY OF AMERICA I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. 
However, unless the "NEW PLAN" VETERANS PARTY OF AMERICA and other political parties, and all other Americans' efforts can restore the First Amendment and other Constitutional Rights abridged U.S. Citizens and its Legal and Illegal Residents by this Republican Administration and Congress, as well as reverse the "TRADE-DEFICIT" of 600 BILLION DOLLARS or so into a  "TRADE-SURPLUS" by restoring Manufacturing of Products made in America and exported to other Nations, there will be NO FUNDS FOR VETERANS BENEFITS & HEALTH CARE, and NO RIGHTS LEFT FOR VETERANS TO FIGHT FOR AND PRESERVE.  
For those of you who can't believe that any of the above has not happened or cannot happen in America then you are either IGNORANT or OBLIVIOUS TO REALITY or the Senator McCarthy Era of the early 1950's or World History
or to the History of U.S. and World "SOCIO-ECONOMIC TRENDS" for the last 250-years or so...
Like the Democrats and Republicans, and other smaller political parties, the VPA will not be able to totally prevent CORRUPTION within its ranks, as GREED and the TEMPTATIONS OF BIG MONEY is an innate human behavior even to people with the best intentions cannot resist.  But perhaps you might be able to LIMIT CORRUPTION to some degree.
It also turns-out ladies and gentlemen, if you research it, that WITHOUT THE CONTRIBUTIONS made by legal or in some cases even illegal immigrants paying Social Security and Medicare Taxes and Federal Taxes and which can be assured to be paid by "Legalizing" the current estimated 11 Million illegal immigrants and future immigrants allowed to enter and work in the U.S., that there WILL NOT BE ENOUGH MONEY to pay in full the estimated 78 Million "Baby-Boomers" Social Security Retirement, as only 1/3 of the current "Legal Population" of the U.S. will be working and paying the taxes necessary for the Gov't to make good on Social Security Retirement. 
There's is no doubt that we must control illegal immigration to America but at the same time allow "legal immigration" to America through a fair quota system.
However, without New Legal Immigrants permitted to enter and work and pay taxes in America, bring fresh and innovative ideas as our previous immigrants have done to make America Great, OUR ECONOMY CANNOT BE REVITALIZED. 
Lest Not forget that the majority of Americans including Myself, and even Phillip Meskin, are the Sons, Daughters, Grandsons, and Granddaughters, etc., of IMMIGRANTS  who came to America looking for a better life and helped make America the greatest and strongest Nation in the World...  Do not let "SCARE-TACTICS" undermine this important American Value...
I will keep my voters registration affiliation as VET to legally continue to have a voice in the Party should I decide I have an issue I feel I need to voice.  And I will check in on the  new website from time to time to see what's going-on.
I want to thank Robert Thompson former Florida Chair of the Veterans Party of America, and any others whom I may not know about who actually had "THE GUTS" to do more than just "respectfully demand" to Phillip Meskin that he resign as NEC Chair, such as in filing Complaints with Federal, State, and County Government Law Enforcement Agencies.
I will be sending out my last package of information to the various Government Agencies over the next few days, and other than responding to their requests for further information or Witness Testimony from me, I am "moving-on" to other things. 
The only further Notifications about the Meskin case a few of you will get from me and can pass it on or not, is only when I receive Official Notice that Legal Action has  been taken against Meskin, Et Al., by a Gov't Agency.
A "little birdie" informed me a couple of weeks ago that the VA Police instead of going after Meskin were going to try to retaliate against me for exposing their possible "Misconduct" in the Press Release of the article I wrote about Meskin's special privileges on VA Property given to him by VA Police in exchange for Event Tickets he gave them.  That's why I refused to talk with VA Police and requested that the VA Inspector General investigate the matter.  I could hardly feel comfortable talking to the Agency who might be guilty of "Misconduct" themselves.  And anyway, they should not be investigating themselves.  VA Police are not like Civilian Police who have "real" Internal Affairs Departments who "really" do something when "Misconduct" occurs among their own.
Terry Richards