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Subject: Fw: Death Gratuity Barring Act (UNCLASSIFIED)

Here's some more very valuable 411 for you.  I am still waiting for the addresses where new claimant's can file for thier DEATH GRATUITY.

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Subject: Death Gratuity Barring Act (UNCLASSIFIED)
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Congress established the first death gratuity in 1908, stipulating that survivors of Army personnel killed in service receive the equivalent of six months of the servicemembers' pay (see the statement on the DD Form 93 after item #5) . The original purpose was to help fill the financial gap of loss pay .  T he payout grew from the six months base pay not to exceed $3000 to a $3,000 minimum prior to 199 0 and then a standard $6,000 benefit for families prior to September 11, 2001   A $6000 i ncrease was added for a total of $12,000 disbursement effective 11 September 2001 . In a dramatic decision , a retroactive gratuity was established to pay $100,000 to survivors of those who died since Oct. 7, 2001 to present. 


Deaths Between August 2, 1990 and September 10, 2001 . The amount of death gratuity is $6,000.

Deaths Between September 11, 2001 and October 6, 2001 . The amount of death gratuity is $12,000.

Deaths On or After October 7, 2001 . The amount of death gratuity is $100,000.

If you review the Department of Defense Directive AD-A270 366 (attached) 4 ) D ). it also references the 6months of pay. 

<<DOD directive AD-A270 366.pdf>>   <<DD Form 397.pdf>> <<Barring Act DG 6 yr rule.pdf>>

The Barring Act was enacted to provide a reasonable period (6yrs) of time to apply for the death gratuity.

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