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Date: Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 4:14 AM
Subject: Re: Important!! Need Your Help!

Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans:

This is very important and we need your help!!

The Santa Monica Daily Press had an article yesterday that is also on Veterans Today.
"Provider named for homeless services building at VA"

Don't know how close you've been following the rip-off scam at the Sepulveda VA with buildings 4 and 5, but read this article about building 209 at West LA VA. Please read the comments at the bottom of the article that will give you more insight about what's going on at West LA VA and Sepulveda VA.

Notice in this article the continuous use of the term of homeless "individuals," "people" instead of "Veterans." This is Sepulveda VA all over again by allowing non-Veterans to use Veterans facilities while fellow Veterans will remain homeless.

These developers are getting a 55-year enhanced lease, even though Congressman Waxman and Senator Feinstein had a bill passed and signed by President Bush less than four months ago preventing any such commercial development or enhanced leases at the West LA VA.

If Waxman and Feinstein do not stop this 55-five year enhanced lease with commercial developers that, according to this article, are known for taking over dilapidated buildings in New York and rebuilding them into a mixed-use complex that includes ground floor retail, housing both market rate residents and homeless individuals. -- then we need to call for their impeachment.

Let's not be silent on this. Start speaking out in the "Comment" section at the bottom of the linked article. Even if it's just a sentence or two expressing your outrage. Please do not remain silent!

Show up today at our 52nd consecutive Sunday Rally!

God Bless America and The Veterans Revolution

Robert Rosebrock
Co-Director, We the Veterans
Director, The Veterans Revolution