Subject: What happens to an unarmored Humvee?

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Welcome to the fourth Operation Truth newsletter, your monthly dispatch from troops who served on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. This month:

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Straight from the Troops: Powerful Photos from the Front Lines

The Cost of an Unarmored Humvee:

In November 2004, Richard Meehan, a Marine SGT serving in Iraq, was driving in an unarmored Humvee when a roadside bomb exploded under his left front tire. He sent us the photo series taken immediately afterwards, which he refers to as "Humvee Go Boom." Here's one of those photos:

"Me sitting in the back seat of another humvee, winking at the camera. I started cracking jokes to keep others calm. The situation was chaotic, but to keep everyone from freaking out, I tried to keep myself collected and make light of my injuries."

See the rest of Richard's photos here.

The armor shortage is still a problem in Iraq, and Washington has been slow to respond. Take Action!Support our vets' trip to Congress this month.

Pentagon Releases Photos of Troops' Coffins:

The Pentagon has just released of troops' caskets coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of these photos were taken by our own Keith Kluwe, combat journalist who served in Afghanistan.

See more of Keith's photos here.


In the News: The Sandstorm

OpTruth vet Sean Huze's new play, the Sandstorm, has been getting great press, including an editorial in the LA Times and an article in USA Today.

From the LA Times:

"This collection of 10 monologues by actor-turned-Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Sean Huze has shocking force and awesome honesty, delivered with uncommon valor by an able cast."

Read more at the Operation Truth press center.

In Los Angeles? See the play.


Best Blog: Breakfast Fun Time Explosions

Sgt. Zachary Scott-Singley is serving as an Arabic linguist in the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq. This is his second deployment.

"Ever had a wonderful breakfast interrupted by an attack? There you are eating your food in peace and some jerk feels the need to try and kill you. I mean MAN! What is your deal? Why do you have to bomb me and my friends? I like my eggs with pepper not mortars or car bombs.... You think these guys would have some manners ya know?"

Read the rest here.