Sent: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 22:00:56 -0800
Subject: U.S.of A

What the hell is happening to my country?We convict some asshole Arab Zacowie and then it is going to take 3+ monthes to decide his fate in a penalty trial.What are we nuts,when does a foreign killer have rights.Do I have to move to Mexico and come back as an ILLEGAL to get US constitutional rights.Where in OUR constition does it say foreigners are protected by OUR constition.I was taught in school,65 years ago,that the constitution was for AMERICAN citizens not ILLEGALS or TERRORISTS who want to harm Americans.What a shame that we are being beaten down by liberals and the bleeding hearts who want OUR country to go the way of the third world.Its a bad thing when the masses are asses.MY kids are fighting for this country because they want it to be Free and strong---NOT A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. GW lets kick ass and take names. cloyd myers