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Fellow Veterans and Friends:

ATTENTION: U.S. Presidential Candidate to Attend This Sunday's Rally!

After years of battling the politicians and VA over special interest land grabbing, Veterans recently made significant progress through the support of the California American Legion when Delegates unanimously approved their Resolution to "not endorse the establishment of a public park and not endorse any use of the property at the Veterans Home Land which is not for the “sole purpose of providing veterans a place to heal from war.” 

The California American GI Forum also passed a Resolution supporting our Sunday Rallies to stop the public park and endorsed the Veterans "Declaration of Enforcement."

This Sunday, June 29th, 1:00 - 4:00 PM, we will be holding an "Appreciation Celebration" at our regular Rally at the Northeast corner of Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevards in Brentwood, to honor all Veterans who have been working over the years to "Save the Home." 

Make no mistake, there are a lot of Veterans who've had a big hand in fighting the politicians and the VA bureaucrats that facilitated special interest land grabbing over the years, and we want to unite and share our appreciation with all Veterans. After years of defense, Veterans are now on offense so join the march!

     We are very proud to announce that joining us this Sunday will be Chuck Baldwin, the U.S. Presidential candidate of the American Independent Party (Constitution Party). This is a real honor to have a Presidential candidate visit and support Veterans and our cause. 

As many of us have come to sadly learn and experience, Veterans trying to get the sincere support of politicians is virtually impossible.  For nearly six months, Francisco Juarez and I have been trying to get Senator Feinstein's district deputy to honor his promise to meet with us for a tour of the VA to discuss "enhanced leases" and related Veteran issues. The VA Home It's less than one mile from his office but he "doesn't have time" to meet with us.

A couple of weeks ago, I e-mailed a City Councilman, who is also a fellow Veteran and Legionnaire, and asked him to take a stand and stop the carnival fundraiser (not for Veterans) on Veterans property, and his district deputy responded:  "The Councilman urges you to take a deep breadth [sic] and assess whether your venomous approach to advocacy is furthering betterment of veterans."  How about that for political support? What took place that weekend on Veterans hallowed land defies description, which caused some Veterans to fly the American Flag upside down and send forth the "Call of Distress."

It's no different with the local VA. Nearly three months ago, I sent a courtesy invitation to the Director of Public Affairs at the West LA VA, inviting him, his staff and all VA employees to attend our Sunday Rallies.  He is also a Veteran and lives on the grounds of the VA but refused to respond to my invitation, nor would he even walk a few hundred yards to join our Sunday Rallies to "Save Our Veterans Land."  Instead, he has chastised our Rallies as being "divisive," "dissidents" and a "small minority," amongst other things.  He's just a carbon copy of a long line of VA bureaucrats that have put serving the wants of the community above the needs of America's Military Veterans.

Now, we have a political candidate running for the top Office of the United States of America who is willing to meet with us and support our cause. Whether you agree or disagree with Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin on political issues, it makes no difference because this is not a political rally. Instead, it's a "Veterans Appreciation Celebration" to honor all Veterans and non-Veterans who have worked hard to "Save the Home." 

We urge all Veterans and the general public to attend this Sunday's Celebration because we have a great opportunity to meet directly with a Presidential candidate who truly cares about America's Military Veterans, supports Veterans' causes, and is willing to take time from his busy campaign schedule to Rally with us to "Save the Home."  Do you think any of the other Presidential candidates would do that?

Please attend Sunday's Rally and bring along your family and friends as we will be serving hot-dogs donated by Jay Handal's San Gennaro Cafe, and Apple Juice donated by Martinelli's. 

Take part in Veterans' history and celebrate our progress with a U.S. Presidential candidate.

Robert Rosebrock