From: North, Jim
Subject: U.S. Military - Keeping YOU out of "Harms Way"
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 11:36:54 -0400

Active Duty Members of the Armed Forces
All American Citizens

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The All Volunteer Military Forces’ is at risk! The DRAFT may be back!

The Armed Forces’ Promised Health Care is at risk!

The Armed Forces’ Promised Retainer/Retired Pay is at risk!

Attention: SECDEF Rumsfeld will be conducting a “Worldwide Town Hall Meeting" with members of the military on 29 June 2005. The following website is the link for people to ask him questions. We need to have a number of people (especially some active duty folks) ask him if the VA Department has been receiving proper casualty reporting numbers from DoD, to ensure that the VA Department can properly budget funds for all the past injured service members and for all the current service members coming back from the current war; to ensure that all promised health care needs will be funded?

Additionally, we need to have a number of people (especially some active duty folks) ask him why DoD has changed their stance in support for the former spouse instead of for the service member?

See supporting information links below:

Veterans March on Washington DC – 8 June 2005

The main reason of the Veteran March on DC, 8 June 2005, was to inform the VA Department that we are Demanding, not asking, for an immediate 3 billion dollars to be directed to the VA Department’s budget to help our service members who are making the sacrifices to keep the rest of the country out of “Harms Way”. If our troops are keeping their bargain with the sacrifices to support this country, then our “Lawmakers” must make a sacrifice, not to mention to keep their promise towards veterans’ benefits, and redirect money to the under funded VA Department’s budget, immediately.

Many complaints to the VA Department are that they take too long to approve veteran’s health claims, especially those that must be upgraded, i.e. from 50% to 100%. A lot of these individuals cannot work and need their claims approved immediately and cannot wait for months, years and sometimes never because the veteran has died waiting for a “Piece of Paper.”

Another issue, the VA Department will not consider many of the known combat related injuries/disabilities and will totally refuse these types of health care claims.

Additionally, doctors are overwhelmed with patients and there are not enough doctors to attend to veterans within a reasonable time and many appointments to see a doctor are scheduled months in the future.

Veterans March supporter links: (Stardust United We Roll, Global around the World - Jim North “Live on the Air” 7Jun2005) (Washington DC) (St. Louis, MO – Jim North provides updates on the March "Live on the Air" Tune-in at 10:00 A.M. 8th of Jun 2005)

Note: Jim North broadcasted “Live on the Air” on two of the radio stations listed above.

American citizens who prefer to have a choice between the "All Volunteer" military force in lieu of the mandatory “DRAFT” should be concerned of the reluctance of military members who do not wish to extend on active duty or make the military a career as "promises made" are not "promises kept" and prospective military applicants and active duty members alike are becoming more and more aware of these promises not kept, as reflected in the shrinking "all volunteer" force numbers.

The “All Voluntary Force” works well when individuals that are promised benefits to join the military actually receive these benefits.

But now that the lawmakers and DoD have intentionally taking away a lot of these benefits (note that this is dumbfounded during a time when the country is at war) promised to our Armed Forces service men and women, they have also taking away the incentive for individuals having a desire to join the military. Because of this, “All Americans” can now be affected for the mandatory DRAFT.

Semper Fi,

MSgt James T. North
U.S. Marines, Retained
Fleet Marine Corps Reserve
Category II, Deployable