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From: North, Jim
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 6:30 PM
To: ''
Subject: USFSPA Law is a Payoff for Attorneys of the American Bar Association?

Dear Mr. O'Reilly,

Is it possible that you can invite Mr. Willick to your show, to have him explain why the USFSPA law should stay in place and totally protected?

And maybe invite LtCol Patricia M. Larrabee, an Active Duty Army Officer who is unjustly affected by the USFSPA? See LtCol Larrabee's attached transcripts from the "DOD's Worldwide Town Hall Meeting".

See attached "Air Force Times" article from Mr. Willick, Chair of Domestic Section of the American Bar Association.

There are two retired service members that I know of who have in their "possession" signed contingency fee agreements between Marshall Willick and two separate female former spouses and one signed letter from Willick to a male former spouse who was after his ex spouse's military retirement pay and Willick sent him a blank contingency fee agreement. Contingency fee agreements are unethical and are barred by the ABA in any divorce decree settlement. The ABA won't do anything unless it happened within the last four years. These are much older than that.

His cut would be, over a five-year span if the retirement cut to the ex spouse were $1,000.00 per month, a total of $18,000.00 from just one ex spouse.

Now if he would have, and it is possible, hundreds of contingency fee agreements, many that he is getting his cut out of today, then he has one big retirement plan set up for himself with the help of the unjust USFSPA law.

Maybe that's why he is fighting to keep the law in place. If the USFSPA were declared unconstitutional, all payments to him, which could be thousands per month, would stop. Willick, amongst many other attorneys, have only one motivation in mind and that is to keep the unjust USFSPA in place to provide for their greed.

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