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March 8, 2007

Greetings Seth, 

Someone in your office visited my website http://johnmccarthy90066.com/id644.html this morning at 7:18 AM Pacific Time. 

For that interested party, there is a connection between the information in this site and my own experience with those involved in the JFK matter at the Warren Commission level and specifically the "magic bullet theory" solicited by then Commission Attorney Arlen Specter. 

A Dr. Richard T. Mason had testified as an "expert witness" at my trial for premeditated murder during a top secret court-martial conducted in Vietnam on January 29-30, 1968. Mason's expert testimony compelled the jury to convict me. http://johnmccarthy90066.tripod.com/id1.html 

Mason later recanted his sworn testimony, in writing, in September, 1968 and secreted that recantation in the office of Colonel Pierre Finck at the Institute For Pathology in Bethesda. Maryland, in violation of Supreme Court ruling Brady v Maryland. 

Finck had testified as an expert witness before the Warren Commission and had been a member of the autopsy team which examined JFK at Bethesda. 

Finck's testimony established the "magic bullet theory" before the Warren Commission. 

In November, 1970 an attorney working in Finck's office contacted my military attorney in the Pentagon Cafeteria and asked if he had seen "The McCarthy File". Mason's recantation and FBI reports containing exculpatory information were discovered in Finck's filing cabinet. A year previous, Finck had denied any knowledge relating to this matter. Mason had signed an affidavit located in the same file dated February 1970, after he left the service, and was employed in San Francisco, where he swore that he had no new knowledge relating to this case. The recantation was dated September, 1969. 

Mason's recantation was presented to the appellate military court which determined it to be "newly found evidence and fraud on the court" resulting in the conviction being overturned by the court. The charge was later dismissed. 

Mason was located in 2003 working as the county coroner for Santa Cruz County, California. The Sheriff's office was notified of Mason's perjury and recantation in a capital murder case and supplied with documentation supporting this matter, at their request. Mason has testified as an expert witness in numerous murder cases in California and across the USA, including the infamous Amadou Diallo murder case in New York City. http://www.wsws.org/articles/2000/feb2000/dia1-f28.shtml 

Mason's criminal conduct while a member of the United States Army is protected from Civil Tort by the Feres Doctrine. http://johnmccarthy90066.tripod.com/id70.html 
However, Mason's sworn affidavit was administered after he left the service and as a civilian, he has forfeited his protection as a member of the US Government under the Feres Doctrine. 

If your firm is in a position to represent me in a civil tort against Mason please contact me. 

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