Reaching out With Solutions to PTSD

More The Reason to Support and Pass Federal Legistion to regain access to MWR Recreational Facilities as a Mental Health Treatment Option. Train the Brain to Rethink Life Without PTSD through recreational theapy now Refused by Department of Defense in U.S. Federal Court May of 1990 disabled veterans were all told to leave prestine areas on military bases that could be used for rehabilitation from PTSD instead of a VA PETS Clinic. One Solution to PTSD is when a Disabeld Veteran is involved with recreational concepts he is not thinking about SUICIDE,

THIS IS A MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT OPTION that the military refuses to give us as Disabled Veterans are Banned and Barred such as in the case Robin Rustan vs The United States of America. Disabled Veterans were tossed off the Federal Recreational Lands like a Box of Kleenex. Proposed Legislation 107th Congress H.R. 1917 Failed after the fact it was sponsored by Congressman Filner 2000 to 2004 and the explanation to Voice For Veterans Services in 2005 was LACK OF INTEREST. There was no Lack of Interest when our government asked us to serve or Drafted US into illeagal wars. If WE all Fought for the FREEDOM of these prestine recreational lands, then WE should certainly have the Freedom to use these lands to try to restore our minds and bodies back to a safe place away from suicide.

Rusty 1 28- 2007

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