The “Bonus Expeditionary Forces”

Arriving at the Capitol on 25 April, 2006

This time for the promise!

“Help Promote this Mission via Radio and Television Advertising”

 Organization (Please assist with larger donations)

To Donate:

Submit a letter from your organization’s letterhead, with a check enclosed, to below address.

Individuals (We are asking for $10 dollars)

To Donate:

Make check payable and mail to below address:

Milt Hanas, Treasurer VFVC,

Veterans for Veteran Connection

P.O. Box 77303

Rochester, New York 14617

Phone: 607 868-5188

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing you this letter in an attempt to evoke interest and support for our nation’s veterans.  As you can see from our organization name, Veterans is what we represent.  On December 6, 2005, a historic meeting took place with a group of Veterans, the House and Senate, Veterans Affairs Committee and me. 

For more than four hours that committee sat and listened to our complaints about the way that the current administration in the Department of Veterans Affairs is dealing with the needs of the Veterans.  We feel that it was significant that we got a chance to meet with them; however, what is more significant is the fact that they listened to our concerns and are addressing these concerns with the VA now.  There is a long way to go in our fight on this issue and that is why I am writing you today.

We are planning to be in Washington D.C. in April to meet with these representatives’ again and we want to bring more attention to the plight of those Veterans attempting to get help through the Veterans Administration.  The best way we know to bring the plight of the Veterans fighting for benefits is to be able to bring more Veterans to Washington to meet with the committee and to let the committee hear first hand how the VA has treated the Veterans.

Any contribution you may be able to make to aid us in our quest to bring the plight of our veterans to the light of day would be greatly appreciated.  Please be assured that all moneys raised will be used to promote this mission via radio and television advertising and towards bringing needy Veterans to Washington D.C. for this April meeting. Our goal is $15,000.00.  We would appreciate your support.

Again, we would like to thank you for your generous contribution, in behalf of Operation Firing for Effect and the Veterans March.

Semper Fi,

Coordinator and Chairman, of Operation Firing for Effect

Gene D. Simes, Veterans for Veteran Connection (VFVC)

1700 Waterford Road

Walworth, NY 14568

Office: 315 986-7322 Cell: 585 329-4711

Contact Gene D. Simes 315-986-7322/Jim North 586-909-5971/Russ Scarvelli 216 291-2261

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