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Subject: ICH: The Worst Congress Ever : A stable of thieves and perverts

We first fought the heathens in the name of religion, then Communism, and now in the name of drugs and terrorism. Our excuses for global domination always change: Serj Tankian

What our leaders and pundits never let slip is that the terrorists -- whatever else they might be -- might also be rational human beings ; which is to say that in their own minds they have a rational justification for their actions. Most terrorists are people deeply concerned by what they see as social, political, or religious injustice and hypocrisy, and the immediate grounds for their terrorism
is often retaliation for an action of the United States . . .: William Blum

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Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America's War? More Than 655,000

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In Bush's War 2816

Cost of America's War in Iraq

See the cost in your community


Bush The Cheerleader

By Ray McGovern

When President George W. Bush was asked at his news conference last Wednesday whether we are winning in Iraq, he answered, "Absolutely; we're winning." The disingenuousness was almost enough to provoke sympathy for the beleaguered president as he lived through another bad week with further diminished credibility.

Evidence Suggests: U.S. Bribed President Of Kyrgyzstan

By Aram Roston

President Akaev, agreed to let the Pentagon open an air base in his country for operations in Afghanistan.

Money trails lead to Bush judges

By Will Evans

A four-month investigation reveals that dozens of federal judges gave contributions to President Bush and top Republicans who helped place them on the bench.

The Worst Congress Ever

By Matt Taibbi

How our national legislature has become a stable of thieves and perverts -- in five easy steps .

At least 29 killed in occupied Iraq:

The bodies of eight people were found, bound and gagged, in Baquba, police said. All the victims were shot in the head.

Wedding car bomb kills 15 in Baghdad:

An interior ministry official said the blast targeted a wedding convoy at dusk in Ur, a mainly Shia residential district on the outskirts of Sadr city, which one day earlier was also the scene of a deadly bombing.

Two U.S.occupation soldiers killed in Baghdad :

Two American soldiers were killed in Baghdad in two attacks on Monday, the U.S. military said on Tuesday.

Gunmen kidnap more than 40 in north of Baghdad :

Unknown gunmen abducted Tuesday more than 40 people, including tribal leaders and prominent persons from two Shiite towns in north of Baghdad, provincial police said.

Pentagon: US force in Iraq swells to 150,000:

The Pentagon said Monday the US force in Iraq has grown to 150,000 troops, the biggest it has been since January.

More Iraqi Security Forces Needed?:

President Bush's National Security Adviser showed up unannounced in Baghdad Monday to meet with Iraq's Prime Minister al-Maliki — who, according to U.S. intelligence, is telling his inner circle the situation is "nearly out of control,"

U.S. obeys order to abandon checkpoints:

U.S. troops on Tuesday abandoned checkpoints around the Shiite militia stronghold of Sadr City on orders from Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the latest in a series of moves by the Iraqi leader to assert his authority with the U.S. administration.

In Baghdad, a Force Under the Militias' Sway:

Infiltration of Iraqi Police Could Delay Handover of Control for Years, U.S. Trainers Suggest

Iraq inquiry call rejected by MPs :

The government was supported by 298 MPs and opposed by 273. Twelve Labour MPs rebelled.

George Galloway demands Blair held to account for Iraq:

‘It’s a very modest motion before the house - a call for a committee of inquiry comprising seven members of the privy council. It therefore speaks volumes that the government is opposing this attempt at the mildest of scrutiny into its conduct up to and including the outbreak of the disastrous war on Iraq.

Fears over huge growth in Iraq's unregulated private armies:

There are three British private security guards to every British soldier in Iraq, the charity War on Want said yesterday,,1935704,00.html

Air Force said to seek $50 bln emergency funds:

The U.S. Air Force is asking the Pentagon's leadership for a staggering $50 billion in emergency funding for fiscal 2007 -- an amount equal to nearly half its annual budget, defense analyst Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute said on Tuesday.

Pentagon ramping up propaganda offensive:

In a memo obtained by the Associated Press, Dorrance Smith, assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, said new teams of people will “develop messages” for the 24-hour news cycle and “correct the record.”

55 "insurgents" and 1 NATO occupation forces soldier killed in six-hour battle:

A second day of large-scale clashes in southern occupied Afghanistan ended with one NATO death and 55 dead insurgents, officials said.

Occupation Force Commandos Kill up to 10 "Taliban" in gun battle:

Royal Marine occupation forces are believed to have killed up to 10 Taliban fighters yesterday following a brief but ferocious battle in southern Afghanistan.

Three NATO occupation force soldiers killed in Afghanistan amid intense battles:

The deaths took to five the number of occupation force soldiers killed since the weekend in a series of engagements -- some of them the most intense in weeks -- that have left nearly 140 rebels dead.

80 Killed: Another deadly blow for Pakistan:

Asia Times Online contacts on the spot are convinced that the raid was undertaken by North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces. Recently, Islamabad agreed with NATO that it could conduct operations in Pakistan from across the border in Afghanistan.

Mile by Miles, Afghan Quagmire is Expanding:

Regardless of what we are told by the dictatorial regime in Islamabad, local people know the truth. The innocents who died in this attack belong to them. Local people do not believe in the government charade and CNN stories when they have their innocent relatives and little children lying before them in pieces.

Taliban Threatens Pakistan With Suicide Attacks :

Pro-Taliban tribesmen on Tuesday threatened the Pakistani government of suicide attacks on Pakistani forces and pledged to execute anyone found spying for the US military.

Journalists barred from entering Bajaur district to cover controversial air strike:

“It is regrettable that the press has again been banned from covering a controversial military operation,” Reporters Without Borders said. “This lack of transparency is arousing suspicion about the facts of this air strike"

Thousands denounce U.S., Pakistan in protests over 80 killed in missile attack:

As many as 20,000 people protested Tuesday in Khar, the main town in Pakistan's northwestern tribal Bajur district, claiming innocent students and teachers were killed in the attack. They chanted: ''God is Great!'' ''Death to Bush! Death to Musharraf!'' and ''Anyone who is a friend of America is a traitor!''

U.S. Stokes Palestinian Civil War : U.S. preparing Abbas guard to take on Hamas:

The Bush administration has undertaken efforts to arm and train the Presidential Guard of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in order to prepare it for a potential violent confrontation with Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip.

Fatah's US saviour:

Poverty and desperation have gripped Palestinians as their economy has been strangled by international sanctions against the Hamas- led government and Israel's decision to withhold, in violation of the Paris Protocol, $54 million in monthly tax revenue owed to the Palestinian Authority. Government employees have gone unpaid for seven months.

Third Intifada coming:

Israel appears sure that increasing aggression against the Palestinians will lead them to internal collapse whereas it is more certain to lead to a new national uprising, reports Khaled Amayreh

IAF stages mock raid over Beirut, southern Lebanon:

United Nations peacekeepers and Lebanon say IAF overflights violate Security Council Resolution 1701 that ended a month-long war between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in August.

Israeli ultra-right leader sworn into government :

Lieberman has called for the transfer of land and populations to create homogenous Jewish and Palestinian states, and for the execution of Israeli Arab MPs who have had dealings with the ruling Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement, which Israel considers a terrorist organisation.

Labor votes to stay in power :

Israel’s Labor Party decided to stay in the coalition government despite the recent inclusion of a right-wing faction.

Israel: Labour minister quits over Lieberman's role :

A lone Labour minister has resigned in protest at the inclusion of the right-wing politician Avigdor Lieberman in the coalition cabinet of the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

War pimp alert:

U.S. Diplomat: Iran Bigger Threat Than North Korea:

A senior U.S. diplomat on Tuesday described Iran as more dangerous than North Korea and said that besides developing a nuclear weapon, the Islamic state was undermining regional stability.

Russia says no evidence on Iran nuclear program's military purposes:

National Security Advisor Igor Ivanov said Tuesday Russia has no evidence that the Iranian nuclear program has military purposes.

North Korea Agrees to Nuke Talks:

The U.S. and Chinese governments announced Tuesday that North Korea agreed to rejoin six-nation nuclear disarmament talks, a surprise diplomatic breakthrough that comes only three weeks after the communist regime conducted its first known atomic test.,13319,118049,00.html

Dr. Helen Caldicott: The Dangers of a Nuclear War: Video:

Authoritative analysis of the devastating impacts of a nuclear attack on Iran

Iran, Venezuela, Syria sign MoU on Syrian oil refinery project:

Iran, Venezuela and Syria have formed a consortium to construct an oil refinery in Syria.

Planes known to carry CIA terror suspects landed in Tel Aviv:

This could also turn out to be the first case of the United States handing Israel a world jihad suspect who is not linked to Palestinian terror or Hezbollah.

'Lucid' Pinochet charged with murder:

AUGUSTO PINOCHET, the 90-year-old former dictator of Chile, was branded a “grave danger to society” as he was placed under house arrest in Santiago yesterday by the judge investigating his role in cases of torture and kidnapping during his time in power.,,3-2429629,00.html

Al-Qaida's November Surprise:

The author's premise is that al-Qaeda has consistently intervened in American domestic politics where necessary in order to ensure that America stays in Iraq. Whenever America seems like it might withdraw, he writes, Osama bin Laden or Ayman al-Zawahiri pops up to remind Americans that if they do then al-Qaeda will triumph in their wake—thus goading them to remain.

Bush: Terror wins if democrats win :

US President George W. Bush charged on Monday that "terrorists win and America loses" if Opposition Democrats win in the November 7 legislative elections dominated by the unpopular Iraq war.

Jefferson County Voters Continue To Raise Concerns About Voting Machines :

KFDM reported about people who had cast straight Democratic ticket ballots, but the touch-screen machines indicated they had voted a straight Republican ticket.

Orange County charges 11 with phony voter registration:

Fraudulent voter registration charges were filed this week by prosecutors who said Democrats were unwittingly signed up as Republicans

Election Issues: Will a shocking new GOP court victory and Karl Rove's attack on Ohio 2006 doom the Democrats nationwide?:

The GOP has thrown Ohio's entire process of voting and vote counting into serious disarray. The mess is perfectly designed to suppress voter turnout, make election monitoring and a recount impossible, and allow the Republican Party to emerge with a victory despite overwhelming evidence the electorate wants exactly the opposite.

Nancy Pelosi, Stop Drinking At The K Street Trough:

There's a big elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about--and I'm not talking about the Republican Party. It's the gusher of money flowing to Democrats from K Street lobbyists. And it is worrisome that so few progressives want to talk about this openly.

Paulson re-activates secretive support team to prevent markets meltdown:

Paulson re-activates secretive support team to prevent markets meltdown Judging by their body language, the US authorities believe the roaring bull market this autumn is just a suckers' rally before the inevitable storm hits.

U.S. Drops Bid Over Royalties From Chevron :

The Interior Department has dropped claims that the Chevron Corporation systematically underpaid the government for natural gas produced in the Gulf of Mexico, a decision that could allow energy companies to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties.

Chevron 3Q Profit Soars to $5 Billion :

Topped off by the record results released Friday by Chevron, five of the world's largest oil companies produced a combined net income of $31.6 billion during the three months ended in September.

United States National Debt:

An Analysis of the Presidents Who Are Responsible For Excessive Spending

Introduction To U.S. History Uncensored :

I have been and will continue to be accused of hating America and lacking gratitude for the benefits of being born in this nation. To this accusation I can only call on the wisdom of the great American writer Mark Twain who stated that “We should be loyal to our country at all times and to our government when it deserves it.”


Peace & Joy
Tom Feeley

Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people." (August 1765) John Adams