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On May 9, 1901, President William McKinley visited America's Military Veterans at the National Soldiers Home in Los Angeles.  See attached photo

As we know, Presidents over the past few decades have used this hallowed ground for landing their Presidential helicopter, then jumping into a big limousine and heading off to a nearby mansion of one of their fat-cat donors for a private political fundraiser. Tragically, they never had time to visit with America's Veterans like President McKinley did. 

Like everyone else, they simply "used" Veterans land for their own benefit.

This Sunday, a U.S. Presidential candidate, Chuck Baldwin of the American Independent Party / Constitution Party, will be joining Veterans as we Rally together to save this hallowed land in accordance with the Deed of 1888.

To be clear, this is not a political rally. To the contrary, it's an "Appreciation Celebration" to say thanks for everyone who truly supports saving the National Veterans Home. Also joining Chuck Baldwin will be Larry Breazeale, Chairman of the National Veterans Coalition.

Please show up this Sunday and meet a Presidential candidate who truly cares about America's Military Veterans, supports Veterans' causes, and is willing to take time from his busy schedule to visit and Rally with Veterans to "Save the Home."

Do you think any of the other Presidential candidates would do this?

It's been more than a century since President McKinley came to the Soldier's Home to visit with America's Veterans. So, let's unite in solidarity and respect a Presidential candidate who is coming to visit with Military Veterans and we will let everyone know that this is "Veterans' Land For Veterans Use Only!"

We owe a BIG thanks to the California American Legion and California's American GI Forum for their recent Resolutions in solid support of protecting the National Veterans Home as it was Deeded.   Bring your family and friends -- Be There!

You Are Cordially Invited to the Veterans
Sunday, June 29th
1:00 - 4:00 PM
U.S. Presidential Candidate Will Join!
"Save Our Veterans Land" - Brentwood, CA

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WHAT:  A Public Rally to support America's Military Veterans and Save their National Home in Brentwood, and to celebrate the tremendous progress that is now being made against the abuse of this hallowed ground.

WHY:     To stop the irreverent land grabbing of Veterans property and demand government's full compliance and enforcement of the Land Grant Deed of 1888.
     This land was specifically Deeded 120 years ago to be permanently maintained as a National Home for America's Military Veterans.  Become an important part of Veterans history as we unite and stop the land grabbing and enforce the Deed as it was granted ... "to be permanently maintained as a National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers."

WHO:  U.S. Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, of the American Independent Party (Constitution Party) will join Veterans from Southern California along with local community supporters to Rally against the public park land grab.  Also joining Sunday's Rally and Celebration will be Larry Breazeale, Chairman of the National Veterans Coalition.

WHERE:  Veterans Public Rally and "Appreciation Celebration" will be held at the Front Gate and on the Sidewalks outside of the National Veterans Home, situated at the Northeast Corner of Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevards in Brentwood.

WHEN:  Sunday, June 29th / 1:00 - 4:00 PM

REFRESHMENTS:  Hot-dogs provided by Jay Handal's San Gennaro Cafe of Brentwood and Apple Juice donated by Martinelli's.

PLEASE:  Do your Duty and show up!  Help "Save the Home" for America's Military Veterans