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Date: Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 8:47 AM
Subject: Stop the Onslaught of Veteran Genocide

Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans

As we know, there are major wars going on against terrorism in the middle east including a drug war with Mexico.

But how many know that we have a major war being waged on American soil by our own U.S. government, and it's against those who have defended our nation?

That’s right, the largest bureaucracy in the federal government, the Department of Veterans Affairs, has been systematically destroying and eliminating the men and women who are Veterans of our U.S. Military with their stealth Drug War. 

At an alarming rate, untold casualties of suicide and drug overdose are mounting in the VA’s Drug War against our Veterans who are Disabled and homeless. 

Attached is an article in pdf and following is a link to Veterans Today. 

"George" is the face of thousands of Disabled and homeless Veterans who are targets of the VA’s Drug War and genocide. 

Henry Waxman is the face of political malfeasance and rightfully places him as the drug lord with the largest drug cartel in the world, the Department of Veterans Affairs, which is also the largest and most corrupt real estate broker in the world. They are giving away the National Veterans Home while thousands of Veterans are homeless.

Stop the Onslaught of Veteran Genocide

We can fight back, by first preventing Henry Waxman, who is not a Veteran, from serving a 19th term in Congress (he’s already served 36 years). 

Join forces to stop Waxman and help elect Chuck Wilkerson, a Disabled Korean War Veteran, to win the 30th Congressional District.

Stand up and speak out!  

Join the Veterans Revolution!  

Stop the VA Drug War and the onslaught of Veteran genocide.

The Old Veterans Guard

God Bless America and The Veterans Revolution