From: Donna C <>
To: fight these <>,
Subject: [DraftChat] Soldiers, Take This Pill and You'll Forget Everything....
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 19:24:35 +0000

While initially this medicine might seem like a compassionate thing to prescribe to our soldiers experiencing PTSD?  Imagine the implications for the unethical use of this drug by those in power - in the military? Or those who are harmed in torture prisons?  Or those political dissenters who are tasered, for example, or are otherwise treated in other inhumane ways?

We will give you a pill and make all of your bad memories go away.  You will not remember any of the bad stuff.  Sounds so kind, so humane, so benign on the surface, does it not?

But in reality, this is scary stuff - the ability to erase bad and painful memories with a pill in the hands of those with less than honorable intent.

For example, could this not be used with soldiers to render them more likely to re-enlist for another (and another) tour of duty?  And since the drug is not a long-term permanent solution, would this not be yet another habit-forming drug that could be create another entire new class of drugs to create new profits for the Big Pharma industry, using suffering vets as their primary consumers?

Something about this medicine just seems rotten if placed in the hands of those who would like to minimize and cut veterans' treatment benefits and services as well as those whose job it is to continually staff the military to fight war upon war.

Cathy Garger;_ylt=An15HZBvB099.q0g_IiT.z.s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3czJjNGZoBHNlYwM3NT