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Please contact Congressman Filner's office.  As the Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee, after Operation Firing For Effect brought this to his attention, he did agree to entertain a moratorium on leasing VA land until this was addressed.
Francisco Juarez
Santa Monica, CA

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Mr. Daley:
     Thank you for bringing our attention to several key veterans issues that Senator Dianne Feinstein has been working on in Washington, D.C.  However, there's a question we have been asking for a long, long time, and that is what's Trevor Daley doing for Veterans here in Los Angeles?  In fact, we are still waiting for your report on the Senator's charge to you regarding the special public park agreement with Veterans Park Conservancy, and other concerns we raised with the Senator at her January 16 press conference.

<< February 6, 2008 2:17 PM, Trevor_Daley@feinstein.senate.gov writes: >>
     As we discussed when we met last week, the Senator has been a supporter of the VPC in the past, however, when she met with you last month she asked me to please check into these agreements and closely look at the concerns you raised.  She charged me with checking with the VA into the details of these agreements.>>

You also wrote:
<< Lastly, and most importantly, I want to continue to have this important dialogue with both of you on these issues that are so critical to the VA community.  While I may not be able to communicate every day, I will certainly communicate as often as I can and will always let you know when I have more information.  Please know the door to our office is always open to the both of you, and anyone else who wants to share their concerns on this issue or any other.>>

     You have not honored this commitment and responsibility at all.  In fact, this is your first communication of any kind for three months and it completely neglects the responsibility that you were charged with by the Senator regarding our concerns.  Too little, too late.
     What's of paramount importance right now, Mr. Daley, is what are you going to do about the Veterans at New Directions who are having their Civil Rights violated by the VA and denied their First Amendment Right to Assemble and protest against the public park?  If these Veterans are not liberated posthaste, you, the Senator, and all local politicians will be held accountable because it is your fiduciary responsibility to not only protect Veterans land, but to protect America's Military Veterans Constitutional Rights.  To date, you have all failed miserably on both counts.

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Duty, Honor, Country
Robert L. Rosebrock
Co-Director, We the Veterans