Sent: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 3:55 am
Subject: Re: VA confirms: "This is not a public park"
Attachment: VAletter.pdf

Fellow Veterans and Friends:

Attached is a letter from Ms. Donna Beiter, Acting Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (VA GLAHS).

This letter, was dated and presented on June 19th at the Legion Convention in Bakersfield by Mr. Terry Tracy to Mr. Rees Lloyd, who is the author of the Resolution declaring that the American Legion Department of California should not endorse the establishment of a public park on Veterans property. 

While Ms. Beiter's letter was apparently sent to counteract this Resolution, it was still overwhelmingly passed on June 21, 2008. Equally important, Ms. Beiter emphatically states in her letter regarding the 16 acres of Veterans property now in question, that "this is not a public park. (apparently Mr. Tracy underlined the statement as this is how we received it). 

Veterans appreciate Ms. Beiter's forthrightness and wonder why neither Chuck Dorman nor the Department of VA would ever acknowledge heretofore that "this is not a public park." Sue Young constantly states, among other various claims, that this is a place "for the enjoyment of the entire community." Her claim that this will be a "scaled-down version of Central Park West" leaves no doubt that she and her cohorts still plan on this being a "public park" and we must continue rallying to completely stop it.

Nonetheless, the VA GLAHS has now confirmed "this is not a public park," the California American Legion passed a Resolution not to endorse a public park and the California American GI Forum also passed a Resolution opposing any public park on Veterans property, and we will continue getting Resolution approvals from more VSO's as well.

After years of defending the Home against land grabbers, Veterans are now on the offense and we must continue moving forward until we completely take back the Home.

This Sunday, June 29th, will be a very special celebration and you will be receiving a separate invitation explaining it, so set aside this Sunday afternoon -- you won't want to miss this very special Rally Celebration.