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Subject: Protecting Children's Privacy Rights in School

Hello- There is a movement to keep school children's names and records private. If you are a teacher, retired teacher, parent, aunt, uncle, friend of family or whoever- please take the time to read this and consider having the parents fill out the forms available to opt out of giving the military and other people their children's names and records. It's such an invasion of privacy. Thank you, Patti

You may not know it, but under a little known provision of No Child Left Behind, public high schools must hand over personal information about students -- including minors -- to local military recruiters. I think it's a real invasion of family privacy. The good news is, parents can get their kids off this list by submitting a request in writing to their school district superintendent.

I just found some great information and a useful online tool that makes it easy to "opt out" children from the list high schools are required to release to military recruiters. Just go to Not only can you get your own kids off the list, you can help change the law that lets military recruiters prey on our minor children without the parents' explicit permission. Hope you find it useful! And tell other people you know about!

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