From: RRosebrock1
Date: Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 7:41 AM
Subject: "Prisoners of Waxman"
Attachment: POW_Waxman_A1.pdf

Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans:

Henry Waxman has imprisoned more than 20,000 of America's Military Veterans to a torturous life of homelessness as he has forced them out of their rightful "Home" and into back-alley squalor while he gives away their sacred land.

As we know, Henry Waxman, the chief investigator of everybody and everything except his own corruption, is losing his Congressional power and the gavel.

That power has shifted to new control in the House of Representatives and it opens the door to finally investigate Waxman and his abuse of power and malfeasance as the entrusted steward of the Los Angeles National Veterans Home, the largest VA in the nation.

Tragically, Henry Waxman has aided and abetted in the pillaging and plundering of this sacred land and has essentially given it away to his wealthy constituents at the painful expense of Disabled and homeless Veterans.

No greater crimes have ever been committed by any American citizen than what Henry Waxman has perpetrated against the very men and women who have defended our nation's freedom and the unparalleled American way of life. It doesn't get any lower than this!

Read the attached "Prisoners of Waxman" report and take immediate action.

Forward it on to all members of Congress and the Senate and demand that a full investigation and charges be filed against the most corrupt politician to ever serve in Congress.

Henry Waxman not only violated the public trust, but he failed shamefully to protect a sacred National Trust, the Los Angeles National Veterans Home.

What Charlie Rangel was charged with, convicted of, and censured for, was child's play compared to what Henry Waxman has done and gotten away with for decades.

This is not about politics. No, this is soley about finally getting justice for the thousands of our Disabled and homeless Military Veterans who have been torturously held as "Prisoners of Waxman."

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

Semper Fidelis,
Robert Rosebrock
Director, Old Veterans Guard
Revolutionary-in-Chief, Veterans Revolution