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The Queensland Parliament has voted that it would be inappropriate for the police to prosecute Gordon Nuttall (Minister for Health). The decision was based on the provisions of the Bill of Rights 1688 which is An Enactment Continued in Force in all states in Australia and federally by virtue of the Imperial Acts Application Act.

The Bill of Rights cannot be amended or repealed by the Parliament or the Crown. It states, "That the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Parliament".

The activities of Gordon Nuttall that should be investigated have nothing whatsoever to do with the "proceedings in Parliament". The questions to be answered are:
Did Gordon Nuttall order or allow officers of Queensland Health to fly Dr Patel (DOCTOR DEATH) out of Australia to evade justice?
Did Gordon Nuttall use or allow Government funds to be used to pay the air fare?
Did Gordon Nuttall conceal the fact that there was an ongoing mass murder of patients in Queensland Health?
Did Gordon Nuttall prolong the serial killing and contribute to the unnecessary deaths and maiming of many more public patients?

These are not "proceedings in Parliament". The Parliament is prohibited from interfering with criminal matters. The police act impartially and independently.

Our whole judicial system was corrupted when the Parliament started "appointing" Police Commissioners. Prior to this aberration there was a Police Promotions Board.

What is even worse the political parties starting appointing judges on their merit as being "loyal to government" not being "loyal to the people and our laws".

The death of democracy came when the Parliament conned the Queen into appointing State Governors on the "recommendations" of the Premiers and the Governor General on the "recommendations" of the Prime Minister. We lost our impartial guardian.

We rely on the media to save democracy BUT there is not much hope. The big boys are deep in the pockets of the Multinationals, Globalists, and the New World Order, and they rely on government coffers to fill space with volumes of expensive advertising. They repay by gagging any who would expose government corruption. Any vital issue is TOO LONG or NOT OF LOCAL INTEREST.

We need a police investigation to ascertain whether Gordon Nuttall:
Became an accessory-after-the-fact by helping a suspected criminal escape the country.
Misappropriated public money.
Concealed evidence.
Contributed to the deaths and maiming of patients by his actions.


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