Dear OpTruth Supporter,

Congress is beginning to listen! This morning, at the invitation of several U.S. Representatives, I had the opportunity to speak to the House Democratic Caucus. Well over 100 members of Congress took time to focus on the mental toll of this war and its impact on our veterans. I am eager to speak in front of the Republican Caucus as well.

This is proof that momentum is building around this issue. Two weeks ago, OpTruth endorsed a bill introduced by Rep. Lane Evans (HR 1588), which will improve and expand the mental health services we offer our Troops returning from war.

Thousands of you answered our call to urge your elected officials to support this bill, but we need to continue to build on this momentum. If you haven't contacted you Congressperson about this bill using our easy, online tool, do so now! CLICK HERE NOW to go to OpTruth's legislative action page and click on 'Support Veterans with PTSD'.

This morning was a great step forward in our fight to support our Troops and Veterans, and with your help, we can continue to make significant progress. Please forward this to all your friends and urge them to take action as well.

Also, be sure to read my remarks to the caucus this morning! Below is an excerpt, but you can read the full text here.

"Congress needs to hold hearings to bring greater visibility to all these issues. If we can have a congressional hearing about baseball, we can have one about mental health issues facing our troops. Fully fund the VA. How is it possible that this is even an issue? We need transitional housing, treatment and services. We also need a comprehensive, independent analysis of how many people are affected. A congressional mandate can make that happen."

Thank you for continuing to support the Troops.

Paul Rieckhoff
Executive Director & OIF Veteran

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