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Please view the youtube links below.  This is the direct result of networking with folks who understand what is at stake.

OFFE Director of Operations Rusty Rustan slamed downed the Congressional Complaint in Washingtion D.C. for the legal fight to be continued by the Veterans Affiars Committee to find protection by those that gave an oath to protect our Constitution and NOT to ignore the Veterans home of LA Brentwood to be stolen by any polititican. Those that choose not to protect this deed of 1888 should be impeached!

OFFE www.offe2008.org has gone the extra mile, much like the WWII Veterans who have shown up to the rallys every Sunday to get the message, SAVE THE "HOME", into the face of Brentwood and the public.  Please give OFFE the recognition of bringing this to DC for We The Veterans?

Also, link your websites to OFFE articles so your readers can see that this is no longer a local fight its a National Fight because we have combined forces with OFFE, Operation Firing For Effect.

OFFE Director of Operations, Rusty Rustan, will be here (at the rally) this comming weekend with Cap McCarthy of www.vpocv.com  and we can all protest for the cause.

Will be good seeing everyone.

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Once again Operation Firing For Effect, fires a direct hit!

April 15, 2008   in Washington, at the Cannon House Building Room 334sending a clear message to our U.S. Representatives, VIA Video.
Subject: OFFE Video Statements from Lt. Gov. PAT QUINN & Commissioner LARRY SUFFERTIN


Congressman Bob Filner, stands with our Nations Veterans,in stopping the land grabbing of VA Facilities through out this Nation.