Sent: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 12:33 pm
Subject: Operation Firing Effect Press Release Suicide Hotline number 800-273-8255

Mr. Bill Outlaw

Hope we see change in the phone message system as soon as possible in regards to getting this SUICIDE HOT LINE NUMBER 800-273-8255 out on the main message system in all VA Hospitals Nationally so that no veteran that is suicidal is told to HANG UP AND CALL 911 AND PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE VA MAY NOT PAY FOR 911 SERVICES. By putting the Suicide Hotline Number as the number one message that all veterans hear when calling any VA HOSPITAL Nationally this will save lives because they are in touch with VA specialist that will take care of their needs one by one and if a 911 call is mandated its up the the specialist that is talking to the disabled veteran to get that veteran emergency help while they KEEP THAT DISABLED VETERAN ON THE PHONE. The VA needs to always take the burden of proof off of the veteran and put it on to the government in regards to taking care of each and every call that comes into the VA.


Look forward to your response to this emergency request and thanks again for being part of the solution as collectively we can make this work.

Rusty Rustan 
OPERATION FIRING FOR EFFECT California Representative
(949) 705-7009