From: Joey Racano <>
Subject: [dreamingdragon] NUCLEARAGE
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 17:34:18 -0700 (PDT)


16:35 Hrs-

Activist 'JJournalist' arrives at internet cafe for rendezvous wearing colorful bandanna on head. Looks like 'Little Stephen' from E Street Band. We do last-minute e-mails.

16:50 Hrs-

I pack up 'Gabriel' (desk-top replacement super-computer), tie on my indian-style neckerchief replete with beads, Barn Owl and Coopers Hawk feathers, my leather 'outback' hat and shredded denim jacket with firebird on back* and we head for the San Luis Obispo Embassy Suits Hotel to 'do nukes'.

*Forsaking my usual suit and tie activist garb; suits are great, but not for Nuke meetings! Native-style garb is most suitable for the anti-nuke movement! Suits at Nuke meetings are only for those who 'glow'.

17:25 Hrs-

We arrive at the hotel and begin photographing the cheerful 'NUCLEAR REGULATORY MEETING- THIS WAY' signs.

17:28 Hrs-

Within a span of 3 minutes, I have collected the e-mails of, photographed, interviewed and offended all 6 DIABLO CANYON NUCLEAR POWER PLANT 'Public Affairs Officers' (see; spin doctors) stationed outside the meeting hall.

17:45 Hrs-

I took up a position (classic rock-star stance), camera in hand, flash at the ready in front of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission table. No one was paying any attention.

17:46 Hrs-

Looking through the camera lens, I waved my left hand in the air and shouted, "Hey!" at which point they all looked up, surprised to be having a photo taken. In order to get the really dumb looks I wanted for the photo, I challenged them with:

"Who loves uncle joey?". *FLASH* Perfect!

18:00 Hrs-

'Kangaroo Court'-style presentation begins, drones on and on.

18:15 Hrs-

...and on.

18:35 Hrs-

...and on.

19:00 Hrs-

Public Comment question period begins. 'Ground rules' are laid out regulating public input*.

*Now you know what the 'regulatory' commission actually regulates!

19:15 Hrs-

I speak. I am the second speaker, and I begin explaining to the folks watching at home how dangerous and destructive the single-pass cooling intake pipe of Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant actually is, in graphic, dramatic and knowledgeable fashion.

19:18 Hrs-

The NRC spin doctor tries to break my momentum by interrupting me and I inform him (on tv!) that he has just broken his own ground rules!

Joey: "I don't appreciate you interrupting me, sir."

NRC Spin Dr: "I want to ask you one question!"

Joey: "You know the rules, you'll have to wait your turn. There's the line."

19:19 Hrs-

Realizing how bad this is looking on the TV broadcast, a 'higher up' signals to the spin doctor to allow me to finish speaking unimpeded. I slip right back into my rythym, and conclude with a powerful statement establishing that single-pass cooling is not only destructive, but illegal, that the law demands that power plants make the upgrade to less environmentally destructive cooling configurations and "When will that be done?"

19:21 Hrs-

"We are using best available technology" came the feeble and dishonest reply from Nukee David Oatley as one Chuck Belmont glared at me quietly but harshly.

19:30 Hrs-

I winked to activist 'JJournalist', signaling 'Let's go!'.

We headed for the local 'Borders Books' internet cafe to gear up and data down; but on our way out the door, I jotted down the contact info for the NRC 'complaints department'. It was the e-mail address that told the whole story:

No Nuke is Good Nukes.

love, your pal, joey xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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David Ross Brower

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