Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director

    As a disabled Vietnam Veteran I do not support due process of the law for 911 defendants in a federal court at all. They should all be  judged by the military court system for their day of fate if guilty by military courts then its final.

     The ACLU should be aware of the fact that Armed Services is being violated by Congress as they have passed on the FERES DOCTRINE decision to be a condition on those that serve in U.S. Armed Forces to loose their Constitutional Rights while in uniform to not be able to redress gross criminal negligence caused by the abuses of federal employees while in military hospitals or VA hospitals in regards to service-connected-injuries. I was in Washington D.C. and told Congressman Bob Filner of the Veterans Affairs Committee that the FERES Doctrine has to be abolished and give back to all those that serve past present and future their Constitutional Rights so we can protect ourselves from this evil doctrine that has been in effect since 1950. The Feres Doctrine has wiped out millions of Americans from lack of care or no care for service-connected-injuries because there is no accountability from a health care system that we depend on. If we die from mal-practice its written off as collateral damage because the families of fallen combat veterans have no recourse and ironically the very same rights that combat veterans all fight for and live and die for they themselves do not have while they serve the United States of America Armed Forces. Feres Doctrine kills more American Soldiers than war itself and must be abolished. No U.S. Soldier should ever have to compromise his Constitutional Rights to serve this great Country of ours. The ACLU should take a stance against FERES Doctrine and protect those that serve before taking a human rights position for those that are incarcerated in our jails for 911  crimes?

   Look at my disabled veterans website and look at the CRF document posted on FERES Doctrine on Then go to my personal story posted on cover page of Voice For Veterans Services linked as "Veteran Without A Country" Then tell me Mr. ACLU Director why is FERES Doctrine allowed to be standing law inside Armed Forces of America? Demand that FERES Doctrine be abolished for all that serve and then you have my support on this agenda because its giving back the FREEDOM that we are denied while we serve and those that died all died in vain because they were fighting for rights that they never had while serving in Armed Forces. By abolishing FERES Doctrine it gives us the feeling that yes we are all Americans and no government has the right to treat us as slaves with no recourse. Pleas help by taking action.

Collectively we can all make a difference if we all focus on doing what is right and that is give back to Armed Forces their Constitutional Rights as they serve.

Seriously Damaged by FERES Doctrine Decision,
Disabled Vietnam Veteran
Robin J. Rustan "RUSTY"
founder of
Veteran Without A Country
(949) 705=7009

Because Freedom Can't Protect Itself
Dear ACLU Supporter,

Our full-page ad in Sunday's New York Times got their attention. But we don't need just their attention, we need their action.

Check out the ACLU's full-page New York Times ad calling on President Obama to stand firm on 9/11 civilian trials.

Fear-mongering politicians are putting considerable pressure on President Obama to abandon the decision of Attorney General Holder to try those accused of the 9/11 attacks in federal court.

We need you to make sure the president understands that millions of Americans want him to stand up to cynical scare tactics that may stop him from restoring the rule of law.

Urge President Obama to reject political pressure and stand by the attorney general's decision to try the 9/11 suspects in federal court.

The trials of the defendants alleged to have had roles in the September 11 attacks are the most important terrorism trials in the history of our nation, and the world will be watching to see whether we stand up for due process, justice and the rule of law.

It would be a disaster to hold these trials in military commissions that have a record of failure and delay. Since September 11, 2001, more than 300 defendants have been convicted and sentenced in federal criminal courts for terrorism-related offenses -- while only three defendants have been convicted and sentenced by military commissions.

Take action right now. Urge President Obama to stand by the attorney general's decision to try the 9/11 suspects in federal court.

This is a major test of America's commitment to the Constitution and the rule of law. That's why we need every freedom-loving person to take action right now.

Thanks for standing with us.


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director

P.S. Help us get the word out. Forward this email and its copy of our ad to as many people as possible.

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