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From: RLRosebrock1@aol.com
Sent: Tue, 27 May 2008 5:28 pm
Subject: Re: More Derelection of Duty

Mr. Trevor Daley
District Deputy
U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein's Office
West Los Angeles

Per your e-mail of February 6, 2008, you stated that Senator Feinstein asked you << to please check into these agreements and closely look at the concerns [we] raised.  She charged [you] with checking with the VA into the details of these agreements.>>

After nearly four months, we still have not received any response from you regarding your responsibilities charged by the Senator on our behalf.

We are also waiting for

1) A copy of the "public park" agreement with Veterans Park Conservancy (VPC);

2) The full and unconditional repayment of the $1 million, plus interest, that VPC took from Veterans seriously needed healthcare services to build their self-serving fence to "beautify" the entryway into Brentwood;

3) The immediate removal of the word "park" engraved in stone at the front entry of the National Home, including on the bronzed eagle plaques and immediately replaced with the word "Home";

4) The immediate removal of VPC's oversized and offensive park billboard sign that is on Veterans' property at the corner of Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevards.  Veterans also want advertising fees for the past several years equal to all other billboards on Wilshire Boulevard;

5) For Senator Feinstein to take immediate leadership and actualize the Declaration of Enforcement by legislating it as an Amendment to the Deed of 1888, and that Articles IV and V be enforced posthaste.

6) For you to arrange a meeting that Senator Feinstein agreed upon with Francisco Juarez and myself after her January 16, 2008, press conference at the WLA VA, to expound upon her vision of "building the finest healthcare facility in the nation for America's veterans.”

Mr. Daley, the continued delaying and neglecting of your fiduciary responsibility to America's Military Veterans on these matters will be further cause for more Congressional Complaints that will be filed against Senator Feinstein charging you with flagrant Dereliction of Duty and requesting for your immediate termination as a federally paid employee.

Again, we ask for your cooperation and compliance to the aforementioned, which will preclude us from taking any further action against you on behalf of America's 26 million Military Veterans.

Robert L. Rosebrock
Co-Director, We the Veterans