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From: Patti Woodard
To: Ghost Troop
Sent: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 12:27 pm
Subject: Our government at work on the "amnesty" issue- if this doesn't tick you off nothing will

ALL the “Yea” votes on the amnesty bill must be removed from office by impeachment or recall. This is soooooooo wrong! Call your local Senators offices (see how your rep stands on this issue too) and find out if they voted in favor of this amnesty bill or not. If they voted for this bill they are traitors to the legal citizens of this nation.

This 2 minutes should be mandatory viewing for every citizen of this country - who still cares, that is.........

Cousin Jim sent this to me and I've already felt the bite of illegal aliens myself when I became disabled. My eyes were opened to the huge amount of time and money that was going into catering to illegal aliens. Everyone at the social security office has to be trained to speak Spanish which all by itself is costly and unnecessary! Illegal aliens wishing to become legal must learn and speak English. I know darn well that the majority of Mexicans in the office weren't legal and had stolen SS#'s or those given to them by our administration which they didn't earn! All the free schooling, meals, health care, city, county, state and federal employees told to learn Spanish, allowing Mexican gangs to flourish and every other problem these illegal aliens cost us in money or crime has to stop! I have no problem with them becoming legal just like everyone else. Why the Mexicans tho? Why not cater to Germans or French or Chinese or Japanese or Russian or Greek or any other illegal alien? Why Mexicans?

I refuse to deal with anyone who caters to Mexicans. If there is a number to push if you speak English and another if you speak Spanish I will not give them my business and will tell them why.

We have to get on our Senators and reps and mayors and everyone to quit catering to Mexicans and pouring all our social services and tax dollars down the drain taking care of them when legal citizens can't even get those same services or money.

I would totally support putting money into improving Mexico as many have said for over a century. The US has done Mexicans wrong from way back and we owe them aid like we pour into other needy countries. We can't just ignore the problems in Mexico and the people in need there. I've worked with many illegal Mexicans trying to become legal and they are great people just like anyone else. We helped them learn English and picked up some Spanish to get by until they learned English. They were doing it right tho. The Mexicans I worked with did what they had to do to become legal citizens of the US. Why should we hand over to the Mexicans rights and services our own starving legal citizens can't get because too much money is going out to illegals? There isn't enough to go around because of illegal aliens.

I've had it and hope you will contact your officials if you feel the same. If you don't that's fine, but I hope you don't lose out because of their illegal gains. You'll wish you fought this. It's not the way to deal with the problem. There is plenty of money pouring into other countries to help them improve their conditions and Mexico needs to be one of them. Thank you, Patti