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Re: Usage to MWR Recreational Facilities for all disabled veterans 2004 - 2000 Failed Sponsored Bill by Congressman Bob Filner H.R.1917

Congressman Jhon P. Murtha
2423 Rayburn HOB Building
Washington D.C. 20515

The Honorable Congressman John P. Murtha

We met briefly in your D.C. Office April of 2006 and we dioscussed H.R.1917 a House Bill that was Sponsored 4 years with NO Vote to open up these recreational areas on military bases by Armed Services. With all the war veterans comming home the military should share these lands with all disabled veterans disaabled veterans and start putting up Welcome Signs instead of Trespassing Signs for all our disabled veterans when it comes to the usage of these lands.

17 years ago Veterans who were using these lands for close to 20 years were all told that unless you are 100% disabled s/c military retired they would have to leave MWR. Last I checked out of 2.8 million disabled veterans there are 165,000 disabled veterans rated 100% disabled military retired. If recreational access helps take the mind off of war itself while a veteran is involved with recreational options his mind is totally off of suicide. Opening up MWR Recreational Facilities will save lives, after all the are is named Moral / Wefare / and Recreation for a reason.

We spoke in D.C. and you told me that you were going to get a hold of Congressman Bob Filner to see what can be done about this? I have not herd anything from Congressman Bob Filner and now I want to remind yhou that thisd porblems of MWR is still ongoing. In regards to my comments to you, you said to me " Is that all you want to do is Use a Beach?" I said yes Sir and I left you a press package with DVD presentaion for your preview. I hope you can get Armed Services to open these lands as the Strom Thurmond Authorization Act ion ublic Law 2813 "Sikes Act" January 1998 disabled veterans had access under this new public law but the Camp Pendleton JAG ruled against the true spirt of the LAW. This led to my military arrest for Trespassing MWR and I was baned and bared from the usage of these lands by San Diego Federal Court Judge Ruben Brooks with General Hanlon Jr. signing the Order and Notice to Vacate May of 1998 however we were kicked off MWR lands since 1990

I sure hope you will continue to fight for our rights to use these lands when we come home from War. I would like to make an appointment to come to D.C. to discuss the importance of getting these lands OPEN for REHAB for those that are disabled by WAR. MWR is a perfect place to build our Minds and Bodies Up.

Voice For Veterans Services
Disabled Veteran Vietnam
Mr. Robin J. Rustan