To let you know things are coming together nicely here as Congressman Bob Filners Office in D. C. re: Ms Sharon Shultz conversation with (VFVS) Voice for Veterans Services, May 30th has given us HOPE that MWR will be an issue that Congressman Bob Filner will consider with the New Congress of 2008. To possibly re-sponsor MWR Recreational Access is on his mind and as Sharon says he will be in touch with if he decides to re-sponsor this all important legislation and send me a letter to this effect once the decision has been made?

Now we just have to have Armed Services vote on this legislation in 2008 as this is the only committee that can pass such legislation because Armed Services has the final say on how and why federal lands are used in the United States of America. (MWR) Moral, Welfare & Recreation, the usage of these lands can and will save lives from those veterans suffering from PTSD as recreational access takes the mind away from combat as the disabled veteran learns to live with his injures instead of comiting suicide because no one cares. VFVS has also had serious contact with Congressman John Murtha's Office Legislative Assistant Mike Mathis regarding the importance of MWR Access for disabled veterans. VFVS has spoken directly with Congressman Murtha while attending the OFFE April 2008 Mandatory Funding Talks in D.C. Congressman Murtha support will help Congressman Bob Filners job to get this legislation passed possible. We collectivally can and will get this bill passed with the strong suport of Congress.

Also breaking legislative news has established a legislative victory with Social Security SDI Compensation for veterans with PTSD. From the Law Offices of Binder & Binder Suite 310 1901 E. 4th STREET, SANTA ANA, CA. 92705 (714) 564-8640 HAS IN FACT represented Vietnam War Veteran Robin J. Rustan with a fully favorable decision based on VA Hospital Evidence Only to set the criteria that the VA Hospital Evidence is in fact proof enough to win a fully favorable award for SDI Compensation for those suffering from combat related injuries (PTSD) Thus giving a victory to the Combat Veterans who certainly deserves SDI payments as Social Security has said to different combat veterans that "they have a different criteria for qualifying those veterans who suffer with PTSD." SSI will never say that again to combat veterans The legislative direction is to acept the evidence as first and final evidence as proof for claims with SDI to veterans rated with injury by the Veterans Administration.

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